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You want to feel free and liberated to truly embrace who you are and shine your light in service to others?

Tired of hiding your true gifts? Living your life according to what others think?

Are you ready to get paid to do what you love?

You want to wake up, eager and not worried about paying the bills. You want to feel connected, guided and uplifted. Most of all, feel fulfilled, joyful and worthy by expressing your own unique gifts and abilities.

After helping others for more than 10 years and doing hundreds of Akashic Intuitive readings, I can help you with what you need to know today and how to move forward into transforming your life.

  • You don’t have time to do things for yourself.
  • You have no energy and all you can do is sit in front of the TV and veg out at the end of the day.
  • You don’t have fun anymore or even know what you like to do?
  • Are you tired of working with little or no rewards?
  • You feel like you are waiting for someone to give you permission to be happy.

If this describes where you are and have been for a while, then you’re in the right place.

This describes many spiritual light workers and I hear the same story over and over again.

You have denied your gifts or hid them because family and friends told you they were wrong or bad.

You struggle with family, job and yet the urge to help others is so prevalent in your life.

The truth is the world has changed and you feel you are ready to explore, share and live your unique gifts, stepping into the light and taking your place in the world, where you are meant to be.

I am Mariann Moore, an Akashic Records Intuitive, Medium and Coach, after working with hundreds of people just like you, who want to live passionately and in true purpose and use your unique gifts to create your own successful business or platform of service.

You’ve probably have had the best intentions to start your own path but always let yourself get distracted by other people's issues. Your needs have taken a back seat to your children, spouse, friends, parents, job and everything else. Feeling your family and friends have never truly seen the real you and who maybe you're not even sure what that looks like.

By only living in your comfort zone and allowing the fear of being ridiculed, dismissed or laughed to keep you from being who you are supposed to be. 

Now is your time to step forward, embrace who you are and what you want to do. Here is a place where you are safe, receive the support, acceptance and accountability to help you break free.

When you know you are able to speak your truth and shine your light.

Just imagine ...

  • Being able to share your ideas, thoughts and who you are freely.
  • Freedom to live and work in a business that is heart centered and flourishing.
  • At the end of the day still feeling full of energy to share with your family and friends.
  • Feeling confident in yourself and your abilities to help others.

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You get these results when you step out of your comfort zone and take the support and help offered to keep you on your path to a fulfilled life, full of joy, combining your talents and passion this is living in your Genius Zone.

Welcome to a Coaching program developed through the Akashic Records:

During this 12 session Coaching Program you’ll open yourself to fully embracing, accepting and using your unique talents and gifts.

I’ll assist you in releasing your blocks and overcoming the obstacles to being the true you, . You will be held accountable as you find your expression of grace, creating lasting change that will help you reach beyond what you imagined possible, understanding the underlying emotions and feelings that have prevented you from succeeding in other instances.

Helping you define your path, purpose, mission and giving you the tools to create and maintain the life, business and expression of your gifts in service of others, living in a flow of energy that is full of passion being you.

Here's what's included in your 12 session Coaching:

Weekly 1 hour zoom or facebook video calls to work with your own spiritual team that help guiding you through each and every step of your desired transformation.

Accountability updates to check in and share your successes and troubleshoot your challenges as they present themselves.

Meditations designed to assist you in releasing karmic blockages and creating the space within you to be open to receiving healing.

Videos on how to create sacred spaces within your home to ensure the best possible energies surround you at all times.

Inspirational Affirmations, Declarations and Prayers to give your strength and personal courage from the legions of light angels that surround you at all times. Comfort in knowing you are never alone.

We will teach you how to:

  • Combine your talents and passion to live in your Genius Zone.
  • Improve the quality of your life, giving openly of your unique gifts and receiving the flow of prosperity in all areas of your life.
  • Make a strategy for creating the time in your life to do all that you wish to accomplish and not just dreaming of one day.

My coaching is an absolutely unique gift to give yourself – one on one guidance designed specifically for you.

As an "over giver" myself, I learned the value of giving time to myself which brought out finally an answer to “There must be something better than this.”

It is about a commitment to self in developing opportunities to live a joyful life in service to others.

At the core of Soul Direction Mentoring is a Heart to Heart Connection which is the desire to empower you with the loving direction you need to live in your Genius Zone.

Through a vast array of healing techniques, meditations, and guided information including messages from your spiritual team that will guide you through releasing that which no longer serves you, and to embrace that which you truly desire. As a trusted mentor, I will help you through this program which is uniquely designed to assist you in transforming your life. Created specifically for you to flourish and use your unique goals, talents and skills in being of service to others.

When you work with me, you have the direct contact to your spiritual team through the Akashic records which reveal the information you need to know today to start the path of living your best life.

An Akashic reading is a conversation with your higher self and over soul. It relays to you the most important messages that you need to know TODAY to live your best life.


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I am a light bearer bringing light to the world. It is my function given to me by God/Spirit and my function and my happiness are the same. May the blessings of God be apparent in your life.

Mariann Moore