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Akashic Inspirations - FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS - AGAIN!

Posted on August 20, 2013 at 8:04 AM
The greatness of who you are is arising, all are coming into alignment:  Earth, Sea, Sky and You.  The great love that is pouring forth from the portals of light and love that have opened are here now.

Beings of light, Ascended Masters, all are pouring forth in leagues of the Universal source and dominion.  The weight is starting to be picked up and you'll feel lighter, freer, more expansive.

Their support is creating pillars of strength and stability.   The Grand Square is assisting in this and is here for that very purpose.  The Universe/Source is perfection and always provides and thinks of everything down to the last detail.  Because it has the resources of the infinite, as do you.

You can have it all - creativity, stability, expansion, joy, love - All is here and now!

Our affirmation today was channeled through the Akashics from Lyra - 

"Being Centered within leads me to being in the flow through everything I AM grateful"

Simple, effective, powerful and purposeful !!  AA Metatron's beauty of sacred geometry is at play - The Star of David Merkabah, the grand water and earth trines, the Full Moon in Aquarius, the great Square, the flower of life anchored in it's heart.  We are encompassed in the cosmic Merkabah and being transported through multi-universes as a whole into Ascension.

Codes, light languages, star seed origins, ancient wisdom, twin flames of Christ Michael and Golden Wings hold the space in unconditional love and we are all in the middle of it.  We are the key element in the Divine Plan.  

Does this not show you, how much we are loved, how much we are appreciated. how important we are?  That all of this is being done for us.  Why?  Because, what is done for others is done for all.

We are ONE!  There is no separation, there are no veils, all is clear and there for the asking.  Go within to see what is for you - rejoice, live, love and laugh!!!

Blessings be to all,
Mariann Moore


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