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Posted on December 6, 2015 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Many are going through and experiencing difficulty as we are hit by another huge wave of ascension energies. The changes we are being asked to make and the routines we are asked to let go of are not necessarily ones that have harmed us but to the contrary are habits and routines that have provided comfort and a sense of security for us. So why do we have to let them go? Why are we holding so tight to these vestiges?

It's because we don't trust that the Universe is actually going to provide the safety net for us. As we ascend into our 5th Dimensional aspect of being, we must let these old security patterns go, because believe it or not we've actually asked for it.

This is the help we prayed for and these are the changes that will allow our Prosperity, Health and Love to come to us. These are the last parts of karmic overlay. Karma will no longer have a place in our 5th dimensional life. Karma is designed for 3D reality, we will no longer need it or its lessons.As we enter 2016 and higher dimensions, we will not be allowed to bring with us any of the lower consciousness, fears or habits of living. 

We need to allow the new which is entering with great persistence anyway as it pushes out the old and makes the new patterns of love energy known to us. We are entering a phase where we will guided by our Higher Hearts, which is the combination of higher intelligence being guided by the energy of love and compassion in making decisions.

Mariann Moore


Posted on November 9, 2015 at 10:18 AM Comments comments (0)

You have been working hard and diligently to be self-aware.  Your angels and guides want you to release the pressure you place upon yourself as if it is a judgment that you are not already there.  Life is a journey, self-awareness is a grand culmination but it is not the Be All or End All.  It is truly about loving yourself in each step or phase of this continual unfolding and expansion of yourself as a spark of the Divine.

Your guides want you to enjoy the daily process and each step more joyfully and fully.  How can you do that you ask?  By simply rejoicing in each AHA moment, enjoy your meditations feel and allow the peace to engulf you and truly enjoy that moment.  Congratulate and celebrate each small step - don't just say Yay!, I reached a goal and then immediately look for the next.  They want you to savor and relish the moments of each day thoroughly and this is how we let other moments just like that one be evoked and drawn to us by the Law of Attraction.

By enjoying each step the Universe pulls from the magical hat of infinite possibilities another experience that matches the one before in its vibration.

Therefore, we create a never ending string of delightful, joyful moments that when added up create the perfect life for ourselves.

I pulled a card from Diana Cooper's Atlantis Deck and received the Creative Expression Care # 17 - Your guidance is to do or make something creative.  However, you express this you are called to channel your divine energy into the unique, beautiful, harmonious and original.  Take this opportunity to develop all your senses.  This will tap you into the delightful stream and flow of life.


Posted on October 24, 2015 at 3:26 PM Comments comments (1)

The light body activation is gearing up in order for you to receive the greatest benefit and amount of energy and impulse.  This is to be able to better assimilate, integrate and then use the energies received to be able to manifest from the core energies of the Cosmic Heart into Gaia.  The way of doing this allows each individual expression of the Divine to create and use their unique blend of frequencies and energy as needed to uplift Gaia and mankind into the 5th Dimensional anchor space.

We are now anchoring energies of the 5th Dimensional perspective by grounding into Gaia.  We will have access and a foothold into the higher frequencies of this dimension.  

The 11:11 Portal of Prosperity and overflow from the Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty will allow you to receive the greatest amount of benefit.  By linking your light body to your current dimensional self then opening to receiving the prosperity flow you will then see miracles of manifestation in your life and on Earth.

As we clear the energies to World Peace and prosperity for all.  This includes free energy, sustainable systems, protection of animals and nurturing for all humans to alleviate suffering, poverty and starvation - when Abundant Overflow is the Reality.

Many blessings,
Mariann Moore


Posted on October 22, 2015 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (0)
Information is streamed out into the universe and is freely accessible to all those who are tuned into it.  In your mind is a great machine of data retrieval.  It is a storehouse like the Akashic Records.

You house, in your spirit form (higher self),  all your information - of all lives, dimensions and aspects of self.  At night when you rest - you are able to go to your archives and crate and continue working with your aspects in other dimensions.  Sometimes you are able to discover a portal within yourself that allows this information to bleed through to other dimensions.

At your level it takes time and only pieces come through but humans are delightfully adept at using their imagination to help re-create this information into some semblance of coherency.  So you use images that are easy for you to understand to be able to cognitize it and be able to speak about it through you particular expression and perception.  

You great love of knowledge and thirst of discovery pushes you to find answers.  This also allows you to concrete your conceptualizations.  We send this information out with the hope that you will be able to find and access it.  To bring it about into being.  What you create is unique because it comes from your perspective.

The beauty is the concept is streamed but you are who through your thoughts, visions and particular understanding bring and add dimensional value to it based on the understanding and knowledge that exists in your realm.

However, with that said, when you conceptualize while connected to your higher self you have access to other realms of dimensional Beingness..

Mariann Moore


Posted on September 29, 2015 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)
By accepting yourself and each day you get a better understanding of who you truly are.  how you have let society's cultural mores influence you as to what you believe you SHOULD want versus what you TRULY want.  It's like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.  You cannot find what you truly desire until you release the fear of not being accepted by others.

You are depending on others to tell you what you want versus allowing time for the real truth to make itself visible.  We tend to hide it away because we're told that's not the way it's supposed to be or it's supposed to be this way not that way.

The established norms of what a happy relationship consists of as prescribed by old out dated thinking versus what your heart tells you is right for you.  This either leads you into relationships that are not fulfilling and lead you on a hard karmic path; or you find yourself alone - choosing solitude rather than take on another relationship which you already know that by definition is not what you want.  So society will more readily accept your choice of solitude versus really going after what will truly suit your needs.

Once you accept your own definition of an ideal relationship, a freedom from a sense of societal responsibility drops away.  It is more about a self acceptance of what your heart really will find joy in.

When this occurs then the doors to the infinite will appear and by the Law of Attraction draws to you a person that will match your vibration, another that also shares your sense of clarity, as to what is desired.  You will share this vision together and that is what leads you to a relationship known as the DIVINE COMPLEMENT, Twin Hearts and Love mates.

Best of all is the feeling you carry within you - that it's okay to want what you WANT!

Beloveds, I'm so proud of you, Blessings,
Mariann Moore


Posted on July 3, 2015 at 10:58 AM Comments comments (0)
Why do you question - joy, contentedness, peace and serenity?  Is it so hard for you to accept the rewards of all your work?  Receiving is not based on worthiness, it is your right.  This blessed state is who you are.  It is your natural state of being.

This is the blessing of the Christ Consciousness that your time flows easily, unimpeded each moment you spend whether it is in work, solitude or the company of others.  This peacefulness radiates from you and enhances your experience with everyone you come contact with and share in your energies.

It is natural to have those around you also find their balanced state of contentment and peace, as your energy draws them in and surrounds them with comfort.  So that they too, feel the energy of love, comfort, serenity and peacefulness, in their otherwise hectic and chaotic world which they have created.

As you walk around drawing in others to share in your experience, you then expand and are able to draw in more of the same.  This is compounded and the shared energies and vibrations mix together and others find they are happy too when in your presence.

The expanded energy keeps drawing more people to you and then you expand again and this cycle can repeat itself many times over until such a point in time that you single handed can affect a city or town; or state or country or the world.  

You see now how one individual can create a ripple effect that will help millions?!

Blessings from the Akashic Library - and the Record keepers.
Mariann Moore


Posted on December 14, 2014 at 12:06 PM Comments comments (0)
Today's channeled Akashic message comes from our Archangels and angelic guides:

We are always so happy when you come to us - we adore doting on you and helping you achieve your hearts desires.  We love when you just include us in your life and we give with loving hearts and open communication the gifts the Divine has waiting for you.  

There are two keys to bringing your desires to fruition:  one is asking from the place of love within your heart center whether it is through our intercession or direct with Source.  The second is that you must be taking steps through your actions that lead you in that direction you wish to go.  We can illuminate the path; we can guide you through signs and confirmations, however, you must be the one that takes the step - even a small baby step but it must originate with you.

This life is yours to lead , we are here to be the support team.  We an lead you to the door of opportunity, but it is up to you and your freedom of choice to actually open the door and walk through it.

We applaud you for your efforts and rejoice with you as you take your steps on your chosen path.  If you stumble we are here to comfort you and help you back on your feet.

We love you,, we adore you, We are here.  Always in unconditional love for you!

Your Archangels & Angelic guides

Art by Kim Dreyer -  Angel of Compassion


Posted on December 7, 2014 at 9:23 AM Comments comments (1)
Today's question that I posed to the Akashic Records is What is the best way to move forward with our life?  The answer is as follows:

The best way to move forward is to do things that make you feel good.  Each day should be a dedication to reveling in life.  It is the best way of showing appreciation and gratitude for the life you are experiencing.  It is showing the Universe that you wish to experience more of the same.  That is why we need to learn that having fun, experiencing satisfaction in work, feeling uplifted by music, art, creativity is where we want to spend our time.
If we are so busy, with inconsequential details and feel our life is too busy to put our own interests first then the Universe thinks this is actually how we chose to spend our time and gives us more of the same.  Filling our days with meaningless tasks that never allows for us to have deeper connection to our true self, which is the Divine essence.
Each day/moment even in life, we can make the choice to put aside the small minutiae, the "make-work" and dedicate ourselves to carving out blocks of time - say 15 minutes several times a day, to pause and do something we enjoy.  Write these blocks into your schedule and create a life that revolves around YOUR true choices of liberation, freedom, fun, laughter, joy, peaceful silence or whatever else you choose to experience and bring more of into your life.

Namaste, Your Guardian Angel (who abide next to you and love you Unconditionally).


Posted on October 19, 2014 at 11:22 AM Comments comments (0)
This message was channeled through the Akashic Records from Archangel Metatron and Thoth.  My question was how can I access the new understandings of the physics of consciousness?  This was the response I received.

Place yourself in the middle of the Universe and see the beyond of space, stars, galaxies in a never ending horizon in all directions - flowing - Absorb all the energy you can until you think you cannot absorb any more and then take more in.  Then allow this to burst forth from every pore of your being.  This my friends is but a minuscule particle of what is available to you and every other being in existence.

You cannot grasp it - it is so vast so immeasurable - Existence without end - Fill yourself up whenever you wish it is there in an unending supply - because it is self generating the moment of use is the moment of creation, instantaneously - Alpha - Omega - Unity - Oneness - All Being.

Now bring it to a microcosm As Above - So Below.  You, yourself the I AM THAT I AM.  Draw into your body all the love, joy, peace, passion, excitement, happiness, abundance, health and anything else you desire to come from Mother earth absorb it all and then allow it to burst forth like an exploding Supernova of light - and it is done - 

Then sit back and watch the wonders unfold.


Posted on October 6, 2014 at 9:14 AM Comments comments (0)
Isn't it funny that balance should seen so foreign to you?  That you are confused by the sensations of seeing Miracles and Karmic lessons almost simultaneously and feel like you're neutral?  This is because you have learned how not to judge the energy as Good or Bad - but to just let it pass and see it as energy.  As you practice the Art Of Zen, you will not allow things you do not wish to affect you and yet you can choose to experience the synchronicitiies and Miracles in their fullest expression of Joy.  It feels like Zoloft for the soul, right now to you, but you will start to embrace the Peace instead of questioning why you are experiencing it.

Embrace another step in the spiral.  We Congratulate you and send you love.  We share in your understanding and walk with you on Your "Camino", available to you when you wish to share it with us.  

The realization of what you feel is lifting your vibration, is it not?  We can sense it in you.  As your perception expands in the understanding.  Joy is starting to creep in as you tentatively put your toe in the water, testing to see if it is truly real - Becoming hopeful - but still with small doubts that it is an Illusion.

We are here to tell you - it is not an illusion - it is the reality of who you are becoming.  You can open your heart to the joy of understanding, the happiness of attainment and the clarity of thought.  Open the doors of your abundance - swing them wide open and allow the flood of prosperity that is behind them to flow freely.

We are the Hathors - through the embodiment of Lady Leah, in union with the Grandmother "Lights from Above"