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Creativity an Expression of Love

Posted on February 8, 2019 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (18)
Creativity is a muscle, it must be used or it can atrophy.  It doesn't mean you can't connect again, it just means, "Practice makes perfect".  

If you, as an artist allow your paints to dry out, can they be restored?  Perhaps in some cases and in others, it may be best to buy a new set of paints, to start fresh.  It doesn't mean the talent is gone away only that the tools through which the artist expresses his talents, needs refreshing or to expand and use new tools.  This also signifies growth, expansion, and change.  These are the components which assist Creativity to flourish.

The interpretations and inspiration is endless.  It flows from the connection to the "Infinite Source" and by definition and logic if the Source is limitless then so is the expression of it.  We are the loving expression of Source.  We are limitless in our ability to express love.  

Do you see the pattern?  Following a spiral that goes on through infinity into it's own center or out into the expanse of the Universe  Both being one in the same.  The movement is eternal, as a representation of Source as it our Creativity and the means by which we choose to express the Energy of Love.

All messages are channeled by Mariann Moore from the Akashic Records and her connection to the Infinite Source.  In loving service...