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Posted on November 11, 2016 at 10:19 AM Comments comments (0)
RAINBOW FLAME of Unified energies represents the color spectrum of which we are composed.  As beings of light, we radiate different tonalities based on our frequencies and vibrations.   That is why our aura changes and we have the capabilities of focus, determination and will to choose where our intentions will be places and which rays we embody.  We can chose when we reach certain levels of vibratory understanding and spiritual ascension to move into the Rainbow Flame of Universal solidarity, unity and wholeness.  Displaying through out thoughts, deeds, and actions any variety of the colored spectrum which we use with innate knowingness in order to transform the energies within and around us into the frequency and energy of LOVE.

The Rainbow Flame is the Prismatic effect as we use the Cosmic Heart and Central Sun to reflect the fractals of light into their individual rays.  The colored perspectives shift, change, and are constantly in motion as we use the Quantum understanding that when we focus our intent the right combinations are formed in order to create the reality within the holographic vehicle of light which is our MerKaBah.  the housing which encompasses our essences to create form and into matter and then into manifest realities - which in turn reflects their ow light beginning the process all over again.  Such is the essence of Infinite Eternal Energy, Love, Light and SOURCE!

Blessings as you incorporate the fractals of light which are being integrated into the Wholeness of You!

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Distance energy healing session which is done through your Akashic Records incorporating Color and Sound Therapy to assist in aligning your 12 chakras. Each area/chakra reveals any blockages and issues that need healing.  Channeled messages may also be received including those from the Ascended Masters and Archangels, your guardian angels and guides.  Order now to assist your transition into the 11:11 Portal of Love.

Mariann Moore


Posted on October 29, 2016 at 8:36 AM Comments comments (0)
Soul Union contracts and Twin Flame are similar but NOT the same.

The Soul Union is part of your Soul Star Family and they act as a catalyst to your awakening and expansion process.  It is determined and set by you both, to help each other through a myriad of incarnations.  Although, you are bonded together in Spirit, it does not necessarily reach beyond the etheric into the physical as a permanent reality in each life.  It is meant to help in significant points of transition.  There is great unconditional love present, however, it is not a Twin Flame.

You may work with these energies in the etheric and may even stimulate the tantric and kundalini aspects.  So we understand why some may confuse them with the Twin Flame.

However, the Twin Flame energy is unique to 2 specific entities, while the Soul Union may happen with one or more entities.  It normally requires more advanced understanding light beings to be a trilogy of energies or a quad or square in Sacred geometrical shape energy of foundations.

Twin Flames are our mirror image, therefore what is held deep within us will be reflected back to us.  The energies of Co-creation are stimulated very heavily with Twin Flame relationships as they are unique they come together to express this ultimately unique creative force which acts as catalysts for Universal expansion, change, upliftment and creation.

When Twin Flames meet in the physical they can cause havoc if both individuals are not at a balanced point within themselves.  Therefore, the twin assists us to bring that balance within in order to be able to then create the Vesica Pisces e.g. 1+1 = 3 quotient quantum energies.

This 3rd energy is what is the basis of great and incredible power and force propelling both Twins into quantum leaps in ascension and light work and this gathered energetic force is the most powerful creative force in the Universe.  As the Twins unite in Oneness, they gather the Oneness of All That Is within and between them give exponential energies a vehicle for expression.

We explain this to you so that you can give thanks to those who have been your Soul Star Mate for their part in your awakening and the understanding that as you are on the path to meeting your Twin Flame.  

You are on the right path, and the linear time is only constricted by the limits to acceptance of who you truly are.  Once you are able to release the lower dimensionality constructs and openly flow into your true spectacular flow then you shall be at the point of union with Oneness and all that it entails including Twin Flame.