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Posted on November 9, 2015 at 10:18 AM Comments comments (0)

You have been working hard and diligently to be self-aware.  Your angels and guides want you to release the pressure you place upon yourself as if it is a judgment that you are not already there.  Life is a journey, self-awareness is a grand culmination but it is not the Be All or End All.  It is truly about loving yourself in each step or phase of this continual unfolding and expansion of yourself as a spark of the Divine.

Your guides want you to enjoy the daily process and each step more joyfully and fully.  How can you do that you ask?  By simply rejoicing in each AHA moment, enjoy your meditations feel and allow the peace to engulf you and truly enjoy that moment.  Congratulate and celebrate each small step - don't just say Yay!, I reached a goal and then immediately look for the next.  They want you to savor and relish the moments of each day thoroughly and this is how we let other moments just like that one be evoked and drawn to us by the Law of Attraction.

By enjoying each step the Universe pulls from the magical hat of infinite possibilities another experience that matches the one before in its vibration.

Therefore, we create a never ending string of delightful, joyful moments that when added up create the perfect life for ourselves.

I pulled a card from Diana Cooper's Atlantis Deck and received the Creative Expression Care # 17 - Your guidance is to do or make something creative.  However, you express this you are called to channel your divine energy into the unique, beautiful, harmonious and original.  Take this opportunity to develop all your senses.  This will tap you into the delightful stream and flow of life.


Posted on October 24, 2015 at 3:26 PM Comments comments (1)

The light body activation is gearing up in order for you to receive the greatest benefit and amount of energy and impulse.  This is to be able to better assimilate, integrate and then use the energies received to be able to manifest from the core energies of the Cosmic Heart into Gaia.  The way of doing this allows each individual expression of the Divine to create and use their unique blend of frequencies and energy as needed to uplift Gaia and mankind into the 5th Dimensional anchor space.

We are now anchoring energies of the 5th Dimensional perspective by grounding into Gaia.  We will have access and a foothold into the higher frequencies of this dimension.  

The 11:11 Portal of Prosperity and overflow from the Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty will allow you to receive the greatest amount of benefit.  By linking your light body to your current dimensional self then opening to receiving the prosperity flow you will then see miracles of manifestation in your life and on Earth.

As we clear the energies to World Peace and prosperity for all.  This includes free energy, sustainable systems, protection of animals and nurturing for all humans to alleviate suffering, poverty and starvation - when Abundant Overflow is the Reality.

Many blessings,
Mariann Moore