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Posted on October 22, 2015 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (0)
Information is streamed out into the universe and is freely accessible to all those who are tuned into it.  In your mind is a great machine of data retrieval.  It is a storehouse like the Akashic Records.

You house, in your spirit form (higher self),  all your information - of all lives, dimensions and aspects of self.  At night when you rest - you are able to go to your archives and crate and continue working with your aspects in other dimensions.  Sometimes you are able to discover a portal within yourself that allows this information to bleed through to other dimensions.

At your level it takes time and only pieces come through but humans are delightfully adept at using their imagination to help re-create this information into some semblance of coherency.  So you use images that are easy for you to understand to be able to cognitize it and be able to speak about it through you particular expression and perception.  

You great love of knowledge and thirst of discovery pushes you to find answers.  This also allows you to concrete your conceptualizations.  We send this information out with the hope that you will be able to find and access it.  To bring it about into being.  What you create is unique because it comes from your perspective.

The beauty is the concept is streamed but you are who through your thoughts, visions and particular understanding bring and add dimensional value to it based on the understanding and knowledge that exists in your realm.

However, with that said, when you conceptualize while connected to your higher self you have access to other realms of dimensional Beingness..

Mariann Moore


Posted on September 29, 2015 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)
By accepting yourself and each day you get a better understanding of who you truly are.  how you have let society's cultural mores influence you as to what you believe you SHOULD want versus what you TRULY want.  It's like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.  You cannot find what you truly desire until you release the fear of not being accepted by others.

You are depending on others to tell you what you want versus allowing time for the real truth to make itself visible.  We tend to hide it away because we're told that's not the way it's supposed to be or it's supposed to be this way not that way.

The established norms of what a happy relationship consists of as prescribed by old out dated thinking versus what your heart tells you is right for you.  This either leads you into relationships that are not fulfilling and lead you on a hard karmic path; or you find yourself alone - choosing solitude rather than take on another relationship which you already know that by definition is not what you want.  So society will more readily accept your choice of solitude versus really going after what will truly suit your needs.

Once you accept your own definition of an ideal relationship, a freedom from a sense of societal responsibility drops away.  It is more about a self acceptance of what your heart really will find joy in.

When this occurs then the doors to the infinite will appear and by the Law of Attraction draws to you a person that will match your vibration, another that also shares your sense of clarity, as to what is desired.  You will share this vision together and that is what leads you to a relationship known as the DIVINE COMPLEMENT, Twin Hearts and Love mates.

Best of all is the feeling you carry within you - that it's okay to want what you WANT!

Beloveds, I'm so proud of you, Blessings,
Mariann Moore