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Posted on October 19, 2014 at 11:22 AM Comments comments (0)
This message was channeled through the Akashic Records from Archangel Metatron and Thoth.  My question was how can I access the new understandings of the physics of consciousness?  This was the response I received.

Place yourself in the middle of the Universe and see the beyond of space, stars, galaxies in a never ending horizon in all directions - flowing - Absorb all the energy you can until you think you cannot absorb any more and then take more in.  Then allow this to burst forth from every pore of your being.  This my friends is but a minuscule particle of what is available to you and every other being in existence.

You cannot grasp it - it is so vast so immeasurable - Existence without end - Fill yourself up whenever you wish it is there in an unending supply - because it is self generating the moment of use is the moment of creation, instantaneously - Alpha - Omega - Unity - Oneness - All Being.

Now bring it to a microcosm As Above - So Below.  You, yourself the I AM THAT I AM.  Draw into your body all the love, joy, peace, passion, excitement, happiness, abundance, health and anything else you desire to come from Mother earth absorb it all and then allow it to burst forth like an exploding Supernova of light - and it is done - 

Then sit back and watch the wonders unfold.


Posted on October 6, 2014 at 9:14 AM Comments comments (0)
Isn't it funny that balance should seen so foreign to you?  That you are confused by the sensations of seeing Miracles and Karmic lessons almost simultaneously and feel like you're neutral?  This is because you have learned how not to judge the energy as Good or Bad - but to just let it pass and see it as energy.  As you practice the Art Of Zen, you will not allow things you do not wish to affect you and yet you can choose to experience the synchronicitiies and Miracles in their fullest expression of Joy.  It feels like Zoloft for the soul, right now to you, but you will start to embrace the Peace instead of questioning why you are experiencing it.

Embrace another step in the spiral.  We Congratulate you and send you love.  We share in your understanding and walk with you on Your "Camino", available to you when you wish to share it with us.  

The realization of what you feel is lifting your vibration, is it not?  We can sense it in you.  As your perception expands in the understanding.  Joy is starting to creep in as you tentatively put your toe in the water, testing to see if it is truly real - Becoming hopeful - but still with small doubts that it is an Illusion.

We are here to tell you - it is not an illusion - it is the reality of who you are becoming.  You can open your heart to the joy of understanding, the happiness of attainment and the clarity of thought.  Open the doors of your abundance - swing them wide open and allow the flood of prosperity that is behind them to flow freely.

We are the Hathors - through the embodiment of Lady Leah, in union with the Grandmother "Lights from Above"