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Posted on July 13, 2014 at 11:54 AM Comments comments (0)
You still do not understand how the lines of physical and spiritual have blurred and are in the process of merging together.  Your confusion comes from seeing the 3D physical and spiritual realms as two different parts of your life.  You believe the work you do to earn money is separate from your spiritual learnings and readings.  They are not they are blending into one.

It is a process because you are still perceiving it as different.  Use the tools and understandings of spiritual when you are working with others in the physical.  Put your cloak on and ask for it to be your protection and to attract others of similar vibration.  Your money bowl is another example of blending that which you believe to be separate.  Your joy in spiritual can be used to boost your physical.

Ask to see the signs of the spiritual/physical blend and they will manifest for you.  Say to yourself I see the combined efforts of my day to day physical world blended with my spiritual lightness of being.  Therefore, it will become more present everyday in my life..

You are rediscovering the many gifts you have accumulated across the eons of time and they are in the process of revealing themselves to you.  The Golden Era is about bringing these gifts forward into your daily waking consciousness.  To you in your life through your daily interactions with others and the material world.  That is why there is such joy in the interaction.

We are your guides and angels here who are assisting you with this process as you ask for our help we are in joy at helping it manifest into the living breathing connection of who you truly are.

With blessings in love and manifestation,

We are Arch Angel Metatron, Arch Angel Michael and the League of Light


Posted on July 6, 2014 at 1:46 AM Comments comments (0)
Message received from the Akashic Records from the Arcturians.

When one decides to release oneself from a karmic path - one may feel a sense of emptiness - But in truth, it is not "Nothingness" but instead it is "Everything".  The vastness where everything and nothing exist in the same.  Some call it the "Void", but it is anything but that.  In it's immenseness is all totality of infinite Beingness.  

It will take time to assimilate the implications of this.  It is as if you were at a table eating, but all you saw was the plate in front of you.  Then someone turned on a light and you saw the whole table that stretched out ad infinitum.  

When one steps out of the box and is on their own - you are the master of your time and energy.  You now have the chance to do whatever you desire.  You don't have parents telling you when to go to bed or when to wake up.  It's all up to you and you are the one responsible to ensure you do whatever it is you need to do.  You are responsible for what you do.

The same holds true for releasing yourself from Karmic contracts, that you have carried with you throughout your experience here on Earth.  When one feel they have completed a certain path in their karmic journey, the peace of cosmic love descends upon you.  You are given a space of respite - you are held in protection and unconditional love so that you feel secure and safe before creating the new vision of who you wish to become an expand into.


Posted on June 29, 2014 at 1:41 PM Comments comments (0)
There are many sisterhoods which have been a part of the ascension of the Earth throughout space and time:  The Pleaides, Orion Council, Arcturian and Andromedan.  This message was channeled as a loving confirmation of the work we have done throughout time, not only for the Earth and her ascension but for the many other planets we have assisted.

Circle round the fire
Dancing in its light
The beings of far and way
See you in delight.

Beloved who's heart we hold dear,
Believe in us and all you hear
Angels singing of your praise, 
As daze and days come nigh and here.

Beings all are we, no fear,
Blessings, tidings and love we bear,
So that all may know that we are near.

And hold the light for all the night.

Anchors and whey along you go, 
be there to 
tread where no one goes.

By and Bye you will Know- 
the answers of old will unfold.

As I read this again, it holds the love, support from the many groups and Sisterhoods that have worked together throughout the ages in keeping the space of love so that we can expand and grow closer to the One/Source of the Galactic Universe.

Many blessings,
Mariann Moore

Picture by Josephine Wall