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Posted on April 20, 2014 at 9:09 PM Comments comments (0)
I was asked to explain the importance of Starseed Symbols/Language and their meaning to us.  Here is the answer I received from the Akashic Records, my guides and teachers.

Starseed Symbols are your energetic link to your multi-dimensional facets.  It is a trigger point that aligns you with the frequency of your Starseed origin.  We give you an example, it is like when you learn Algebra, that the letters represent certain numbers in the equation and the solving of the equation leads you to the understanding that the x or y represents a point in space on the axis grid.  (See figure 1)

Figure 1 

So your symbols represent where your multi-dimensional self resides and allows you access the key to understanding a particular point in the astral realm, which correlates to you in this plane of existence.  (See Figure 2)
Figure 2

It allows you to quantumly move from one plane of existence to another to connect to a new understanding or expansion of yourself.  As you connect to each realm integrating different aspects of yourself, you expand and ascend.

The symbols and light language assist you in attuning to those frequencies of existence and to your multi-dimensional aspects so you can unify the different aspects of yourself and create expansion of yourself and your understanding of your place within the cosmic structure of the galaxy and creation as a whole.

It's like learning to speak another language the more languages you know the more people you can connect with and a better understanding of the world you will obtain. 

So to put this plainly so we can better understand all of the above, we use the Starseed symbol to activate something deep within us that will allow us to remember/connect to a another part of ourselves and incorporate it into this life.  It is another aspect of who we are and by unifying these different aspects of ourselves we become a greater with a higher understanding and more power as creators of our own reality.   

Basically, we INTEGRATE & ASCEND.

Mariann Moore