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Akashic Inspirations - CREATE IN HAPPINESS

Posted on January 31, 2014 at 9:33 AM Comments comments (0)
Today's message which comes in the wake of the Super New Moon in Aquarius from last night and today's energy of the Chinese New Year in the Green Wood Horse comes in with a deeply resonating message from the Akashic Teachers.

This is the time you have all hoped for - you are safe, protected and loved.  You will have your time and space to use as you will.  Be wise with it - don't squander it away and use it to futilely worry or focus on unwanted, invisible concerns, these issues are not even real.  Focus on the now, in the moment awareness that All is Well.

Now you have learned to truly appreciate how precious the moment is and that each decision you make to use it wisely is up to you.

You can devote yourself to the enjoyment of it or you can choose to ignore your own eternal and internal Source of happiness.

There is nothing wrong with either - but it would be wonderful to see you experiencing the life of joy that you were created to have and be.

Everything will fall into it's perfect place, if you but allow it to manifest.  Only you can open the doors to welcome Source into your life.  Only you are the responsible co-creator of all your experiences.  

You don't have to go it alone, however.  You can choose to ask for guidance and assistance as we are ever at the ready - awaiting your request.  That is our purpose to allow Divine Source to work through us and to liberate you from making decision from a limited stand point.  when you allow that we can help, you allow for a myriad of possibilities that you were not in vibration with prior to the asking.  

That is how we work in coordination, as we work together the abundant energetic resources are multiplied an infinite number of times.  It is Co-Creation with rapid manifestation.

Ah today symbolizes in numerology the #12 The Hanged Man - a new perspective and #3 The Empress, Abundance, Fertility - Creation.  So translated it says as we choose the new perspective we allow and embrace the fertile creativity within which then translates to our energies producing the "fertilized egg" of manifestation to come into being.  

The conception and birth on a cosmic scale and all it takes is YOU!!!!

Blessings and love, Mariann 

Akashic Inspirations - ELOHIM CONSCIOUSNESS

Posted on January 19, 2014 at 9:54 AM Comments comments (1)

The Elohim work in group consciousness.  You are light workers when you tap into this higher consciousness at the higher dimensions of the 10th, 11th and 12th Dimensions.  When your work has been "completed" and this is just a momentary completion and as you must return to working in the physical dimension.  Some of you may feel at a loss, even uncertain of what to do next at the physical level.  Your explorations leave you with expectations because of the physical dimension and therefore you must learn to calibrate yourselves.

How is this done you ask?  By sharing and giving of yourself at a heart level.  You must allow this higher energy to flow through you and use your gifts and skills.  Otherwise, this energy gets bottled up inside you and starts to stagnate.  It must be allowed to flow.  That is the purpose of energy.  It is not meant to be kept but to be shared. If your gifts are to be a healer, then allow your healing light to be shed on others.  If your gift is to create art or crafts then allow it to flow into your work.

What you are doing is keeping the cycle of creation flowing through you and this in turn allows you to move forward and into a place of serenity and connection to your higher self and to the ALL THAT IS.

It is how the Universal Law of Oneness is applied.  What you do for others is also done unto you.  By healing others you are healed - by creating beauty - beauty flows into your life and so on.

You all are but conduits and channels for the Divine as are we all.  So by my sharing this with you as a Teacher, I also learn in the process.  This is the cycle of ever growing, ever expanding energy of which we are a part.

We are each given gifts which is our source for growth, love and expansion.  We need to use them in order for us to experience more.  You all are expanding your gifts and receiving new ones.  This is because you are doing the work and sharing the exuberance of exploration of these gifts.  Do not be afraid to share them but instead revel in joy that you have re-discovered them with you.

We wish you to know that we are here sharing with you and guiding you through this process of evolution.


Channeled by Mariann Moore


Posted on December 28, 2013 at 12:09 PM Comments comments (0)
As I enter the Great Pyramid and enter the Portal of Horus.  I am greeted by my guide and gatekeeper Ebulon, the High Mage of Arcturus.  The high being of light that is Ebulon has shed his disguise as I can now see him in his true form, a light of unbelievable beauty and expansion.  He removed the cowl and robes of High Mage of Arcturus of which he is only a part as Gatekeeper to the portal of the Horus Stellium.

As I am taken through the Portal that was created in the Great Pyramid, I walk through into a vast hall.  So many beings are here some are light only, some incorporated into plants and trees, some in physical forms of all sizes, shapes and colors.  The Horus Stellium is a vast array of beings that have assisted us throughout the ages not only us here on Earth, but many worlds in their ascension process.  The collective wisdom of the Universe resides within this space.

So what to ask this illustrious gathering?  I only present myself and ask for what they wish for us to know.

Ebulon, High Mage of Arcturus comes forward, he has been my guide since the Horus Stellium presented itself to me during the Lion's Gate Portal opening in August.  He speaks, Know this that we are here and that you have opened the portal and created the layer that allows all to have access to us.  There are many who we have connected with and now has come the time that those of you who seek us will be able to speak with us, experience the teachings we offer and the guidance in love and beauty from Oneness - The Monad - The Galactic Sun - however, you wish to refer to the "ALL THAT IS".  

What is the message for us this New Year, I ask?  A Pleaidian sister approaches to speak.  I am MehNa we are a group of a sisterhood who have worked through many of your Earth's priestesses.  Vestal virgins, Ishtar's sacred ones, Inanna's, Isis' Priestesses, the Ladies of Avalon, the Sacred Council of Wise women, the Shamans and Seeresses of old and now those that have connected across the globe through your Internet to spread the Word of the Mother, Goddess, angels and archangels.  Know that we have sent you messages of love, visions of what is to be, taken you in dreamtime and in meditations for you to experience the World of Gaia and of other planets across the Universe.  

Each holding the loving space for you to explore your expansion and bring it back to your people.  You each provide the channel of loving instruction to your sisters and people who follow you.  Step into the leadership and guidance to proclaim the strength, love and wonders that are now flowing into and through you.

We thank you for the gift of connection and co-creation with us.  Receive our love for you and all beings.


Blessings as we journey into 2014 and beyond.

Horus Stellium channeled by Mariann Moore