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Posted on August 3, 2013 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (0)
As I prepared to do my video on Manifestation for PeppermintJuJu Youtube channel, I went into the records and asked my council for help and what they wanted us to know about the subject.  Well, who better than Lakshmi accompanied by Ganesh came to the council to speak.  This was her message:

There is a simple principle at the heart of manifestation and that is BELIEF - Belief is brought about by a constantly repeating theme in your life.  An idea that resonates with you and you get the results you desire.

They key is to look at your true beliefs specifically, about yourself.  Do you believe you're going to get what you want?  Do you believe in yourself?

What you believe you deserve is already made manifest in your life.  So look around, do you like what you see?  If not, then you need to take a closer look at that area of your life and really ponder what do you really feel, think and believe to be true.

Do you believe you are not worthy, or smart enough, or pretty enough to deserve having wonderful things and blessings come into your life?  As you so fearful of an outcome that it is all you can think about?

Do you not see you are bringing that very thing to life by your very thought of it?  Does that not show you what a powerful creator you are?

You are the "LIFE FORCE" (energy) of the Universe.  You are more than this incarnation, in this body.  Do we not see feats of super human strength, from the mother who lifts a car off her child in order to save him?  We have all heard such stories - Do you think that power only is there at that moment.  No, you are always that powerful - you just don't believe it!

So how can you experiment this in your life?  How can you prove to yourself, you are energy and a field of infinite potential with something that is "BELIEVABLE".

Set your intentions to see butterflies, for 24 hours then see how many you can find whether real living ones or one in a magazine, on a book, on the television, in whatever shape or form.  You will find all manner of coincidences that bring butterflies to your perception.

After that try something a little harder and bigger, how about an Orange colored car?  Look for them as you drive to work, and see how many can you find.

Now on the third day, test yourself a little more (is your perception expanding now a little more) ask and intent to get a special blessing.  Don't ask for anything in particular, just a blessing that will really stand out as a clear message from Source.  It should be totally unexpected and out of the blue.

Now you are on your way to believing in the life force that you are.  Now you are on the way to manifesting what you desire and not by default but through conscious choice.

Love and blessings,