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Posted on August 3, 2013 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (0)
As I prepared to do my video on Manifestation for PeppermintJuJu Youtube channel, I went into the records and asked my council for help and what they wanted us to know about the subject.  Well, who better than Lakshmi accompanied by Ganesh came to the council to speak.  This was her message:

There is a simple principle at the heart of manifestation and that is BELIEF - Belief is brought about by a constantly repeating theme in your life.  An idea that resonates with you and you get the results you desire.

They key is to look at your true beliefs specifically, about yourself.  Do you believe you're going to get what you want?  Do you believe in yourself?

What you believe you deserve is already made manifest in your life.  So look around, do you like what you see?  If not, then you need to take a closer look at that area of your life and really ponder what do you really feel, think and believe to be true.

Do you believe you are not worthy, or smart enough, or pretty enough to deserve having wonderful things and blessings come into your life?  As you so fearful of an outcome that it is all you can think about?

Do you not see you are bringing that very thing to life by your very thought of it?  Does that not show you what a powerful creator you are?

You are the "LIFE FORCE" (energy) of the Universe.  You are more than this incarnation, in this body.  Do we not see feats of super human strength, from the mother who lifts a car off her child in order to save him?  We have all heard such stories - Do you think that power only is there at that moment.  No, you are always that powerful - you just don't believe it!

So how can you experiment this in your life?  How can you prove to yourself, you are energy and a field of infinite potential with something that is "BELIEVABLE".

Set your intentions to see butterflies, for 24 hours then see how many you can find whether real living ones or one in a magazine, on a book, on the television, in whatever shape or form.  You will find all manner of coincidences that bring butterflies to your perception.

After that try something a little harder and bigger, how about an Orange colored car?  Look for them as you drive to work, and see how many can you find.

Now on the third day, test yourself a little more (is your perception expanding now a little more) ask and intent to get a special blessing.  Don't ask for anything in particular, just a blessing that will really stand out as a clear message from Source.  It should be totally unexpected and out of the blue.

Now you are on your way to believing in the life force that you are.  Now you are on the way to manifesting what you desire and not by default but through conscious choice.

Love and blessings,

Akashic Inspirations - EXPONENTIAL BLESSINGS

Posted on July 17, 2013 at 11:37 AM Comments comments (0)
Keep moving forward - keep your vibrations in fun and love.  Spend time with friends and loved ones.

Its doesn't matter how you do things what matters is that you do them with love.  Cooking, breathing, sharing, loving - that puts you on the path to receiving and allowing love to come into your life.

Love is exhibited as prosperity, abundance, good health, friends who love and support you.  Feelings of accomplishment, success and excitement.  Doors open that bring you more chances to experience all these gifts.  One door leads to another and another and another.

When we set our sights on the open doors then as we walk through them more and more are revealed.  But, if we only see the walls around us, we feel isolation, a sense of being enclosed, trapped and stuck.

The open doors may seem insignificant to us - but if we take the time to be grateful for all the small, seemingly insignificant things then we will be shown the great gifts that our within each of the small things.

Tune your thoughts to your blessings and those of others around you because each time you focus on the blessings themselves they raise your vibrations to be able to receive more of the same.

You can choose to see everyone's blessings as your own and therefore you can multiply exponentially your own.  Just a mere thought you can share in the blessings and the vibration and it's the vibration that is key because we are VIBRATION!!! and so as we align with these higher vibrations we increase our own and ascend even higher into our own spiral path - and by example inspire others to do the same.  All this can be done in a moment - this moment - the NOW.  So look around you and look in your experience pick out everything that is wonderful and see how beautiful it is.


I revel in yours and my own and welcome all into my life.

Mariann Moore


Posted on July 10, 2013 at 11:48 AM Comments comments (0)
When we go through periods of deep inner work and confront our fears by surrendering and releasing to the God within, we go through a period called the Dark Night of the Soul.  In this place we come to the realization that if we continue to hold to the fear we will literally drown in it and be destroyed.  The other option and path is to shine light upon it and bring it to the surface so that as we face the and time passes we are still here.  We turn to God within and ask for help and guidance which has always been there for us, we just needed to ask to receive and let it in to our life.  And slowly but surely this temporary phase passes and we emerge back into light.

As we allow Divine grace to work its miracles within our life we must stop and take the time to acknowledge this gift and give thanks for the lesson and all we have solutions that only our inner spirit in connection with the Divine.can bring forth.

That this gift of inner light is the only reality and truth we need and that it is the only reality and truth we need and that it is the only REAL thing that exists.  All else is the illusion we have created through ego thinking that what we have created in our lives is outside of ourselves when in reality it comes from within us.  No one can create what is in our life only we are responsible.

So do we want to create from ego or do we want to allow Source to create through us and what we came here to be a conduit or the Divine to shower us with miracles, compassion and love.  Allow for this and life will be what you set out to be a glorious reflection of the Divine.  A worker of miracles a space of joy and love a spark of the Divine shining brilliantly in the sea of life; a star and beacon for others to know that you have made this connection with the Divine within and be an example so others may follow and find their own connection to Source and ALL THAT IS!


Posted on July 1, 2013 at 9:36 AM Comments comments (0)
What do we need to know today?  Always, always go with your intuition, what have you been guided to do today?  Contact your true self go into spirit - You are starting to see things in other dimensions, through your dreams and meditations.  What possibilities are you being shown?  Alternative lives with the purpose of helping your creativity in this life to be able to imagine the possibility is to be able to manifest it here on this plain of reality.

Our guides, angels and teachers help us by expanding our inner sight and vision.  Go to these realms in meditation and do the work of sensing them with your inner sight and feel the upliftment they provide.  Whether it is in other realms of existence, dreams or visions the possibility then exists.  By your envisioning and holding to the feelings of happiness, excitement and joy, you can then hold it here and bring it into this 3D reality of now.

The portals that were opened during the Summer Solstice in combination with the New Moon coming up in Cancer will allow for the transference of thoughts, ideas and concrete substance to go between dimensions.  Our feelings and emotions are the driving force in Creation.

So smile, dream big, meditate and envision exploring the wonders and infinite possibilities given to us by the Divine.  The Universe in all it's infinite variety is our oyster!  What pearls will you find and bring forth into Co-Creation?  


Blessings in love and light, Namaste

Akashic Inspirations - NO PLACE TO GO BUT IN

Posted on June 27, 2013 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)
The lessons and messages that are coming in are so strong.  Feelings of fear, sorrow, depression, anxiety and helplessness are being expressed by many, including myself.  We are being shoved into  heavy energy experiences because we are so close to getting to the other side.

Other side of what?  You ask.  The side of compassion, love, understanding and spiritual upliftment.  We think it is harsh but, it is not.  We must learn to let go, forgive and find the place of surrender.  Then and only then can we be free to see the intense light and love of the Divine.

It is so we can release and let go of the old ways of resolving  issues, the old rules and actions we once used to solve our problems no longer work.  So what does work?  I'll sum it up in one world   M E D I T A T I O N.  Meditation allows our spirit to guide us and take over so that we are in a place of receiving.

We cannot receive love if we are so tied up with our fears and only seeing obstacles.  We are being put in positions where we can see no way out and the only options available is to sit in meditation.  To ask for guidance from Spirit.  

Because Spirit knows that what awaits us when we do this is peace, security and balance.  A communion with Spirit is what we're being asked to find.

Then the doors to the answers present themselves miraculously and seemingly out of the ethers.  Know that it is all done with compassion and love and for our highest good.  That we release the old to be able to receive the wonders willing to come in to our lives.

Many blessings,