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Akashic Inspirations - THE MONAD - OM

Posted on May 19, 2013 at 12:33 PM Comments comments (2)
I am afraid I said as I entered the Akashic Records.  Can I do this Rainbow Healing?  Jesus Sananda the Christ Michael greeted me and Lady Nada stood on his right side and the beautiful Ascended Masters gathered in a circle.  Archangel Michael is a blaze of pure white/silver light stood with the legions of angels behind him.  The brilliance of pure white light and unconditional love - they told me they are all here to assist us in today's healing.  That all we have to do is set the intention and they will fly to us and assist us in our need.  We all will receive the blessings and healing of the Divine.

Mother Earth awaits upon her throne in the Tree of Life - graciously accepting and receiving our love and gifts of healing.  She is as the Queen of Queens in all her glory - radiating benevolence, beauty and love.

I am taken to the Astral plane of Pure White Light - where all colors are one and the great prism which is our focused intent then separates the rays of color that descent through the heavens to rain down their blessings upon us.

We are the MONAD, the Alpha and Omega, the All & Only That Is - the I AM - OM


Posted on May 15, 2013 at 1:47 PM Comments comments (0)
The Seven Chakras of Mother Earth - these sacred sites are revered and have had guardians and worshipers since the beginning of time.  These centers are pulse points of life and Mother Earth's power.  Therefore, they are great centers of enlightenment and power vortices for us.  We are urged to mediate on these centers and not only will we bring balance to the Earth but to ourselves as well.  

First Chakra - Root/Base - Mt. Shasta in California - deep within the core of Mother Earth and connection with the Lemurian Guardians

Second Chakra - Sacral - Lake Titicaca in Bolivia - Beginnings, creativity and origins

Third Chakra - Solar Plexus - Uluru (formerly known as Ayers Rock) in Australia - Lemuria, Core of being, energetic center

Fourth Chakra - Heart - Glastonbury, England - Here resides healing, love and new paradigms and anchoring in the 5th Dimension of love

Fifth Chakra - Throat - The Great Pyramid in Egypt - Communication - Akashic Records - where the Truth of the Word is known.

Sixth Chakra - Third Eye - it is a moving chakra which right now is in Glastonbury, England - there is a great connection now between our wisdom and heart centeredness and remembering our Immortality.

Seventh Chakra - Crown - Mt. Kailas, Tibet - most sacred mountain in the Himalayas, focus in the Full Moon in Scorpio which just passed on April 25, 2013.  Our connection to the Divine has truly opened in marvelous ways spurred on by the lunar eclipse.

By chanting the mantra "OM MANE PADME UM"   The jewel is in the lotus or praise to the jewel in the lotus.  The meaning as described by the Dalai Llama is "In dependence on the practice which is indivisible union of method and wisdom you can transform your impure body, speech and mind into the pure body, speech and mind of a Buddha."

By combining your meditation of the chakras of Mother Earth and the mantra you can be lifted to experience the Rainbow Flame of Oneness and Unity, balance and healing.



Posted on May 14, 2013 at 9:47 AM Comments comments (3)
The Lemurian Council has sent another message regarding the May 20th, portal that is opening and the revelations.  

There is a great release and coming together of information that has been activated recently.  Although individually you have been receiving messages over the last few years but especially since last year in June 2012.  Now is when the information received through you life in Lemuria is connecting you with others who also have been receiving messages and insights of their life there.

It is meant for you to seek others out and to communicate with them because you each have parts of the puzzle and as you come together you reveal these pieces to each other.  This allows you to get greater understanding.

You will remember skills that have been dormant in you for all these generations.  So that you may now bring them forth to use them in this process of awakening.  You are the creators of your new world.

Your Ascended Masters are also now garnering greater insights and will guide you higher as they ascend higher.  Isn't is marvelous, the workings of the Divine?  Mother Earth, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Star people, you here on Earth are all working together as a whole in unison to raise "ALL THAT IS" in the Universe to a higher state of being!

Rainbow energies abound and many are awakening to the vast resources these energies bring.  Healing will take place on a grander scale, with you being able to do many, many, thousands at one time.  It is GLORIOUS!!!

The portal of May 20, 2013, will have a profound effect on each of you personally and therefore as a collective.  Join together on this day and perform your rituals, healing and loving thoughts will abound.  Many others who have been stymied and stuck in lower vibrations will be catapulted into higher vibrations by your actions.

You are in the process of fulfilling your Destiny!  The manifestation of 5th Dimensional level of love and beyond the 5th Dimension.  

You will also find your connection to the stars - your star seeds are opening to reveal their full potential and blossoming.



Posted on May 12, 2013 at 12:24 PM Comments comments (0)
This was a message I received for the New Moon Event last Thursday and thought it was a wonderful message for Mother's Day from Mother Mary, Lady Nada and Quan Yin.

"The loving energies of the Christ are with us today - as he gave us the example of Ascension - so too we have been given the gift and ability to achieve this for ourselves.  It is plain and simple - live life in LOVE -  You are LOVE!  So BE LOVE!

Mother Mary, Lady Nada, Quan Yin Lady of Compassion, all shining their loving pink energies and it covers the world.  Unconditional love - we as women can hold the children of the world in our arms and our own children holding them all in the light of love.  They are in need of us to step into this space of complete and utter devotion to love.  To live as an example of how love can manifest in the world.

Band together oh sisters of the great circle rooted deep within Mother Earth and bring your energies together to serve as support to your own healing and those of others.  We work together in the Sacred Circle of Divine White Light.  Bringing forth this light to shine on all the Earth - lifting it up into Ascension."

Allow yourself to embody the essence of Love today.  Blessings,


Posted on May 10, 2013 at 11:04 AM Comments comments (1)
We are in great joy at how many of you are finding your connections to Lemuria.  It is even faster than we anticipated - as the eclipses have lifted the veil between us more and more are finding your truth.  More are seeking your wisdom, skills and Unity consciousness through your loving connection to Lemuria.

You will find others that are seeking similarly and you are using the Rainbow energies to work together in raising the vibrations and consciousness of the Earth.

Many of you will find your path in healing and soon you will be healing many more on a global basis.  Healing and the energies of love are not limited to a one on one basis.  But, you will heal thousands at a time including yourself.

The time is coming for children who have been deemed "Autistic" to awaken and start to blossom through the Rainbow energies.  They will step into their place of power and emerge as leaders in the Unity Consciousness of Lemuria.

The Rainbow children will be the shining examples for all to see accomplishing feats never before dreamed of.  Many will be telepathic, empathic and heart-centered.  They will reach other to other races of star seeds and become the Rainbow bridge for others to cross and be able to connect with their star seed origins of Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturian and many others.

Rejoice!  Rejoice!  Rejoice!  as you take steps in your ascension, assimilation of DNA strands and live in higher light bodies.  Oh the Wonders that await YOU!!!

Rainbow Blessings,

Akashic Inspirations - KARMA OR DESTINY?

Posted on May 6, 2013 at 8:56 PM Comments comments (0)
KARMA OR DESTINY?  How do you choose to live?  When we allow the winds of fate to blow us in any direction - and we keep acting in the same manner when issues arrive we are bound to repeat them again and again.  But, it is not Destined - 

Your destiny is when you step in and take control of your thoughts, actions and reactions.  It is about you making the choice to think differently and therefore act different from all the other times you have been placed in the same situation.

The lunar eclipse energies that are still working with us from April 25th are sending us the Courage to step out of our comfort zones and choose a different path.  We can choose to find uplifting thoughts, to follow the signs and messages our guides and angels have been placing right in front of us leading us in the new directions.

Take time to meditate to find your balance and center.  Use affirmations to strengthen your resolve and re-write from negative to positive.  Daily positive affirmations help you to dissolve negative thinking and replace those thoughts that have only led you to more Karmic encounters with thoughts that will produce an outcome in which your Destiny lies.

Our destiny is to lead fulfilling, joyous and heart-centered lives that will lead to Co-create a world that is of a higher vibration, happier and self sustaining.  Guided meditations, being outdoors in nature, laughing, deep breathing, positive thoughts, affirmations, exercise, all these help raise you up so you can manifest and bring into reality your heart's true desires, passions and your life path and purpose as designed by the Divine for you.  It is getting into alignment with your true self.



Posted on May 5, 2013 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (2)
Simultaneously we can superimpose multi-dimensions in our mind's eye and meditation.  I entered into the underground Akashics through the Sphinx accompanied by Archangel Metatron, where we were met by Thoth, who took us into a room which has brightly colored maps on the walls.  These were maps of entry points to the new Lemuria which exists now on another plane of existence, but which is as real as the Earth that we inhabit.

Lush, green, verdant, populated by beautiful structures, people and I was shown the Sphinx in all it's glory as it stands here in this place of beauty and love.

As I entered I saw many children.  These are the Crystal and Rainbow children as we call them here.  But, there in Lemuria they were shining, interactive and glowing with life.  Intelligence beaming from their eyes.  The veil is lifting between this world and our so what they experience there can be brought to life here on this plane of existence.

It is up to us the light workers and the parents of these children to see beyond the facade and unreality here in this plane and look to the core of who they really are.  We can bring about the changes so our worlds are bridged and they can fully fulfill their paths in this dimension.

We do that through energy healing allowing them to feel the balance within them.  To provide a core of stability through our raised vibrations that allows the crossover of these energies.

We do that by working through our 10th Chakra which is the Rainbow energy and we pull these energies down through our Heart Chakra which brings it into this dimension and creates the reality and into manifestation.

Thoth and Metatron invite us to see ourselves entering these sacred hot spots, the Sphinx, Glastonbury, Mt. Shasta, Sedona, Easter Island, Uxmal, the Parthenon and crystal caves.  This will provide the energy to transport us and see the multi-dimensional layers of existence which you can connect and transfer information and energy from one plane to another.  Bringing knowledge of skills, techniques, ideas and inspirations of how to create this Rainbow energy here on Earth.

We can live and create in these higher energies here and now.  I can do it, You can do it, We can do it!  We have help and assistance from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Teachers and Guides that all work together.  We are the catalysts, we are the ones that create the bridge into this Dimension of reality - We are the CO-CREATORS!

Step into your own through whatever means resonate with you, whether it be fairies, angels, mermaids, God, or your own impetus.  We are here to CREATE!  Bringing in love energies in rainbow colors, sound frequencies and mental abilities of intuition and connection to the Divine.

Find your way, open yourself to the Rainbow Energies of love and light!



Posted on April 30, 2013 at 9:53 AM Comments comments (0)
As we string each day together and we build on our positive thoughts we really start to be aware of how Source/Divine guides us on each step.  When we find ourselves thinking thoughts of lack or disappointment this is a clear sign to us that the part of us that is Spirit is clearly letting us know that it does not believe this is true in any way and that our inner self KNOWS that great and wondrous things are happening and coming towards us.

Our negative emotions are a key to understanding that we are not in alignment with what Source has in store for us.  This is the moment where we can turn to positive affirmations, meditation to quiet the monkey mind and realign with that part of us that is Source and knows the wonders that are waiting for us to allow in.

When you are able to consistently realign yourself and look at your path with gratitude and appreciation and believe, have faith and trust.  Then the journey becomes a pleasant sequence of events bringing what you want into manifestation.

Over the last week as I have used the energies of the Lunar Eclipse which is Courage to allow myself to Trust to override the moments of doubt and take the time to center and balance myself once more.

Beautiful synchronistic events, messages from other light workers giving me suggestions of where I need to go next have appeared.  Validation, public acknowledgment, more people subscribing to my channel, messages of inspiration, free sound meditations all appearing to encourage me to continue my own expansion which in turn has inspired others to walk their own path!

Wow!  Fantastic!  The journey to where I want to go is being strewn with joy, happiness and accomplishments one step at a time and as I step back and look at the bigger picture I know I am being guided by Source.  I am feeling the vibrations and energy climbing ever higher stimulating more joy, more happiness and by the Law of Attraction more of the same.

I encourage you to keep working, keep practicing, keep realigning no matter how many times during the day.  Your steady progress is assured is you maintain the consistency!!!!

Blessings and in happiness at our ever expansion!


Posted on April 29, 2013 at 2:21 PM Comments comments (0)
Our angels, guides and teachers from the Akashic Records send us a message of encouragement.  We are so proud and happy for all of you.  You are attaining new heights of vibration, accessing information and skills from past lives and other dimensions.  You are finding ways to integrate this ancient knowledge in an easy and free-flowing manner.

You have come to terms and acknowledged your fears, limitations and self-imposed obstacles and are courageously meeting them head on.  You are listening more and more to your true inner self.  The loving, compassionate and higher part of you.  You are finally taking the steps and leap of faith that is ground breaking, Earth changing and liberating.

You realize that your spiritual aspect is your guiding force to move forward and listen to.  In order to achieve the peace of mind, healing and restructuring of the old and creating the foundation of the new paradigm.

The shift is taking place now in your reality as more and more of you step into this space of liberation and freedom from restrictions.  The wave of the energy of love is building in momentum opening doors to other dimensions.  A lifting of the veil and soon there will be no separation but a sense of Wholeness and Oneness.

New Rainbow Energies which are allowing you to heal on a complete basis of mind, body and soul will be working through the whole planet.  Allowing others to reach this space in quantum leaps.  As light workers you bring forth into reality and manifestation .  This fact will create the energy necessary to uplift millions of others.

Stand in your true self, be grounded in our beautiful planet of Mother Earth and allow the flow of energy of the Divine to flow through you.