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Posted on April 25, 2013 at 9:36 AM Comments comments (0)
Coming into my own!  The energies of the Pink Full Moon and especially the Lunar Eclipse energies which will last until the next full moon of May 2013 - are already activating.

The Portal is open!  The gift of Courage is pouring through the open door.  This is an incredible moment for all of us to finally and permanently breakthrough the barriers that we have created with our fears, uncertainties and self doubts.  

NO MORE!!!! Allow the true essence of who you are to pour forth.  Take the sword of Archangel Michael and cut your own bonds.  Releasing through your own inner strength the cords that bind you and have prevented you from taking the great leap of faith on the path that you - yourself are destined for and that you desired and intended when you came forth into this existence, time, place and dimension.

I ANNOUNCE, DECLARE AND DECREE that I AM a Rainbow Energy Healer, working through the 10th Chakra Rainbow energies of love.  Through the Divine that shines through me - my gift to the world and the reflection of the Divine spirit within is that I AM a HEALER and TEACHER.

Using the energy of the Triple Goddess - Brigit that of the Mature Woman I step into my place in the world and what I have come to do, as my purpose, my path and my gift.  I can hold the space in the energy of love so that you who are in need of my assistance can use that space to allow your own inner Divine energy to heal yourself in mind, body and spirit.

I DECLARE I AM here and that the Mighty I AM PRESENCE is my guide and my source and is the only cause of all that I AM!

Who are you meant to be?  Come forth step into your power, accept your gifts and free yourself to walk the path that you have decreed and declared - Voice your inner Divine Spirit and allow it to guide you always.  Break free of your bonds.  There is nothing to fear!  Have FAITH and TRUST in the Divine's love for ALL OF US!

I rain blessings upon you,
Mariann - 13th Octave La Ho Chi and Rainbow Energy Healer and Teacher

Akashic Inspirations - What you THINK is what you GET!

Posted on April 24, 2013 at 9:21 AM Comments comments (0)
What you see is NOT what you get!  What you THINK IS what you get!  What in the heck does this mean?

PERCEPTION!  PERCEPTION!  PERCEPTION!!  We cannot emphasize or repeat it often enough!  Our view of ourselves, our lives, our work, absolutely and incontrovertibly determines our life and all the outcomes and experiences that arrive in our life!

So if you are not living the life you think you should be living - change your perception for goodness sakes!

Here is a video which speaks to our very soul 25 million views - why because it speaks a truth of how we live our lives.  Instead of seeing all our faults - rejoice and revel in all our good!

This is "Pivoting" from Esther Hicks - Abraham and the Law of Attraction instead of concentrating of what we don't want turn and think on what you do want.  By focusing on the desire of what we want to come into our life - we are bringing it into our reality.

Lift up your soul, lift up your life!!!

Love and light


Posted on April 23, 2013 at 1:28 PM Comments comments (0)
As we come into the Full Moon this week - those seeds of intention, thought and desires that were planted during the New Moon have sprouted and you are manifesting the new ideals that are slowly replacing the old patterns of behaviors and structures in your life.

But we are still clinging to the old even while we are getting signs of how wonderful the new is.  Why do we do this?  Because, we do not TRUST, we fear that the new will not produce what we expect, and therein lies our problem.  We hold on to expectations of how things need to manifest.  What we really need to do is use our focus and intent to see what we want as already in our lives manifested.  Now how it's going to come about.

The HOW needs to be left to the Universal source - it develops in Diving Timing and Order we only have to know that it will come about.  We need to surrender to Trust and faith while each day taking steps that we can do to go forward.  By working toward our goals each day that is our part - it is our commitment to what we have set as a goal.  We must feel that we have obtained this goal and with positive thoughts we pave the path to it.  All the while trusting in our inner guidance that is leading us to serving our highest good.

What signs have come into your life?  What new tender shoots have sprouted from the seeds you planted in the new moon?  You need to nourish and take care of these goals everyday.


Akashic Inspirations - GAIA'S MESSAGE for Earth Day

Posted on April 22, 2013 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (0)
Just as you live and breathe so do I.  I give you all your sustenance.  There are wonders to behold everywhere you look.  I am not just one world, there are infinite universes within me - just as there is within you.

If you're in doubt think of seeing things from other perspectives.  If you were a bird flying, how would you see me?  Or a fish or an insect each sees me in a totally different manner and from their own perspective.

I am all this and more as you are - WE are Connected! We are One!  We are contributors as individuals, we are not the sum of the parts, we are oh so more!

Consider this - one photon of one electron holds all the information of creation.  Are you not made up of millions of these?  Each piece plays it's role and together we create our universe.

Be awestruck at the wonder of which you are, the wonder of the Earth, the wonder of the Universe, the Wonder of THE ONE!

One single breath is life!  Come join me in contemplation, appreciation, wonder, awe and joy that we re here sharing in this magnificence we cal LIFE!

Blessings, love and light


Posted on April 21, 2013 at 8:52 AM Comments comments (0)
When we walk our path that which is our passion.  The Universe showers us with beautiful gifts and abundance.  These come in many forms through unexpected sources and in ways that are unimaginable.  Source has unlimited time, space and dimensions in which to bring forth these rewards.
Our path in essence is simple, it is to use our gifts in ways which not only fulfill our creative desires but also bring service to others.  Our acts of fulfilling our purpose creates for others and the Universe as a whole -- An Expansion.
By starting with ourselves in doing the things that makes us joyous and happy we serve as a channel for Spirit to work it's wonders through us.  By acknowledging and serving in conjunction with our higher self's guidance we act as co-creators with the Divine.
We are in essence fulfilling our destiny and what we came to this physical plane of existence to achieve.  We are rewarded by feeling our hearts are open, full of love and gratitude for the very fact that we are here and that we are sharing with the Creator - the vision that is held for us.
To love, see the beauty of the vastness of the Universe and yet at the same time see that we are part of this glorious reality that we have shared in creating.
We experience this through a myriad of ways - being in nature, sharing vibrations with those we love, admire and respect, feeling connected through family and friends, feeling balanced and centered in oneself.
When we are in the flow of life, we are magnets for those who share in this vibration, as they join with us their energy we raise the vibration of others, and it works exponentially to lift all vibrations of the world and universe.
We are then rewarded by manifesting our thoughts and intentions of abundance, love health and happiness.
It is time to share your gifts, explore, create and follow the steps you are inspired to take.  Feel awe, wonder and love for this planet, we have created.  It is a living being of which we are a part.
Honor yourself and you honor the Earth!!
Blessings in great gratitude,


Posted on April 20, 2013 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (0)
It truly is a delight and wonderful when you combine energies with others.  This combined energy of creativity brings new avenues that separately would not have been brought into reality.   Together a new field of energy and motion are created.

When you are in the same vibration and focus these energies into a partnership, friendship or romantic pairing you seem to energize each other in ways you have not experienced before.

The uniqueness of energy is true of any relationship:  business, personal and spiritual because you come together in Co-Creation to birth new ideas, journeys and purpose.

This is turn sparks and opens new doors of insight, inspiration and manifestation for you as individuals.  This is growth, expansion and the pursuit of your purpose and spiritual path.

It allows the Universal/Divine energies to flow through a new dimension, crating a vast new field of infinite possibilities.

Be bod, think big and take advantage of this new welling up of creativity within to step out onto the leading edge and forge the new pathways.  The Universe/Spirit has brought you together through synchronicity providing you with inspiration, excitement, awe and delight at the wonders you are now conceiving.



Posted on April 17, 2013 at 9:34 AM Comments comments (0)
Today, I share with you an experience that happened yesterday, which only confirmed to me that The Universe moves in ways that are outside of time constraints as we believe them to be, to bring things that we desire into manifestation.

Two days ago, I had a reading with a lovely lady, who we'll call Diane.  Diane has the desire to create a non-profit to help caretakers and families for those who are suffering from long-term illness in the elderly.  She told me the information she gathered through her own experiences would be really helpful to others who find themselves in the same situation.  Diane said, she wished she could have had someone to help her and her family with advise and tips.  However, she had no idea of how to go about even applying for a non-profit or how to start.

It came to me, as I spoke, to her that I had an appointment for the very next day, with a lady, who we'll call Lily, who also created a service to help families of pre-mature babies.  I thought maybe she would have some information helpful for Diane.  Yesterday, as I spoke with Lily and mentioned Diane's need, she started laughing in surprise.  Although she does not have a non-profit, last week while on the internet she found a website (which she says she didn't even know how she got to it!).  This website provides information for those who want to start a Non-profit!  Lily said, she saved it because her intuition said to keep it in case she would ever need the information.

Both, Lily and I were in awe of the synchronicity of events that the Universe put together to help Diane.  How it worked both through myself and Lily to help another which neither of us knew even existed a few days ago.  

So if we review the turn of events something happened even BEFORE the need was voiced by Diane.  The events took place to bring in the information needed working through others that could not have even been imagined!

Such is the beauty of how the Universe can bring us things and set wheels in motion even before we actually voice them.  This is the power of the Divine to work miracles in our life.  Once we state with clear intention and put it out to the Universe the manifestation can be as quick as a blink of an eye.

I thank the universe and these two lovely ladies for this beautiful confirmation of how the universe works through each and every one of us.  Showing me how we are truly connected as One and how the Divine manifests regardless of time or distance.  The Divine was allowing me to experience this and to show me that there is no limit to the Universe's abundance for us and that we truly create through our thoughts and intentions.

For those who are reading this story, know that the Universe/God/Spirit loves you and wishes for your true heart's desire to be made manifest!

Blessings, love and light


Posted on April 16, 2013 at 11:43 AM Comments comments (0)
Today, I asked my guides and teachers in the Akashics a question "What would my life be life if I released my worries of finances?  This was my particular worry but I was told you could substitute whatever it is that you are worrying about. There are many of you who are light workers like I am yet seem to be stuck on a particular issue.  I was told that the answer they gave me would be of benefit to many of you who read my blog.  

What I heard was that I would be Relaxed!  Reading a book, time to spare, focused on work and writing, watching videos basically enjoying my time.  That we have created a wonderful like but by thinking we will lose it - then eventually you will bring what you fear into reality.  That luckily we have offset it by meditating, reading the Akashics (or oracle/tarot cards) for others and being of service.  By releasing worries and just putting them away.

We have made advances and now we are starting to ask the questions that will help us release these fears.  We have amazing powers to manifest.  The inner child we connect with really helps in giving it the power to bring your thoughts and wishes into being.

As we connect everyday by sitting in solitude, connecting with nature and using affirmations, we start to change our perception.  "LITTLE ME - GET OUT OF HERE!  THE BIG ME WANTS TO BE SUCCESSFUL, BE OF SERVICE AND BE PROSPEROUS!!!!"

You recognize the power within us as it rises up as you say the affirmation.  Your monkey mind must immediately obey.  However, sometimes you still allow the resistance (ego) to take control and it keeps you from connecting through meditation and writing.  The ego is trying to keep control and grabs on harder as we connect with our true self, in a last ditch effort.

I then asked, "What can I do to release these worries and open myself to abundance (health, wealth, love and happiness)?  The answer is simple, Do what comes naturally.  If it's forced it's not spirit guiding you.  It's okay to just sit and be, this allows you to draw in your power to charge yourself and then when you release this power through action it has the force of an explosion.  Because you have stored up the power and then released it through focus which amplifies it - Creating a huge solar flare of expulsed energy of creativity out into the ethers.

Ask your guides your questions, sit and honor your time and listen for the answers as they come to you. 

Blessings today and always

Akashic Inspirations - DON'T HOLD BACK LET THE "BIG ME" OUT

Posted on April 15, 2013 at 11:01 AM Comments comments (0)
By procrastinating and holding back on inspirations that you have received you are limiting and blocking yourself from receiving the bounty, prosperity, love and health that you have prayed, desired or asked for.

You asked for inspiration, it manifested as an idea in your mind, but if you do not take steps to act upon them, then the dreams and intentions that brought them to your conscious level will stay as blocks to your desires.

This is what focus and clarity are about.  It is the determination on your part to act upon your inspirations.  What are you waiting for?  We are giving you all the tools but you are the Co-creator.  You are the one that creates the reality and brings it into the physical by acting.  This is listening to your inner self and stepping out on the Divine Path.

The Divine Path is laid out for you to follow to your highest good.  The one that will bring love, harmony, peace, abundance and health into your life.  We help support you, send loving encouragement and protection but we do not dominate you or your will.  You have the choice.  You must take the steps on the Pathless Path - it is of your own making.

Procrastination is an aspect of fear.  Fear that you will fail, fear that you will succeed, fear that you are not worthy, and so on and so on and so on.  We are here to tell you that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!  Everything is POSSIBLE.  All is at your disposal, "ALL THAT IS" is loving, nurturing and guiding you and sending to you, your heart's true desire.

Open yourself - quiet the "LITTLE ME" within.  This is your doubt and fear and allow the "BIG ME" to direct your actions, thoughts and dreams.  "BIG ME" wants to create, expand, love and come out to play.  To bring joy, love, prosperity and health to you NOW!!!!!!!

Message from the Akashic Master Teachers and Guides,

Akashic Inspirations - OUR THOUGHTS ARE THE CAUSE

Posted on April 10, 2013 at 10:38 AM Comments comments (0)
Today, the Council of Guides from the Akashics ask us to focus on being Integral with our word.  One of the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  Today with the New Moon energies our council says that it is of the utmost importance that if we want to change our life, and receive the bounties of the Universe, we must change the way we speak to ourselves.  We must work actively to maintain a positive presence within us.

Our thoughts are the cause and what we have manifested in our lives is the effect.  I have been thinking all day with conscious awareness "HEALTH, WEALTH, HAPPINESS AND LOVE".  As we repeat affirmations, we need to feel the words resonate within us.  

So chose your words wisely, chose words that speak of love and well being.  Because this is what will manifest in your life today and tomorrow.

Do you not realize that the thoughts you chose to express now is what you are creating to come in your life tomorrow?  By knowing this, it is what you need to work on every moment of the day to ensure that you are creating beauty, love and joy in your life.

No other action is as important as this.  Once you are on the road to supporting yourself with loving intentions, affirmations and meditations then you will see the outward manifestation.  This is your work!  Allow your words and thoughts to be loving, kind and full of intentions that uplift you.

Blessings, love and light on all,