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Posted on April 9, 2013 at 9:53 AM Comments comments (0)
As I entered my Akashic Records this morning, I went to the Hall of Knowledge and asked to speak with Napoleon Hill of Think and Grow Rich fame.  (Available on my free down page).   His wisdom and deeply appreciated knowledge comes through for us today.

Commitment is the part you play in the Divine Plan.  It shows your intensity of belief and trust.  It shows you are relentless in pursuing your life's purpose.  It expresses your true passion and desire.

It is what generates the wheels in motion for your service to others and to express in manifestation what you are here to do in this Earthly realm.  It is what you CAN control.

It is also the course of all the rewards and benefits you will reap from the Universe and the Divine Source.  It allows creative inspiration to come in and guide you as to HOW you will achieve and direct this energy.  Your passion fuels your commitment.

Synchronicity will automatically be generated through your subconscious/soul.  This is the great Law of the Universe.  It is how Divine source creates through us.  Spirit leads us to people, events and situations that will support, confirm and manifest in an easy, flowing and joyous manner.

The tools of keeping on track with your commitment is creating a schedule that reinforces things to do that elevate you; time for planning, time for connecting with others, time for going within to receive your messages from source, time to connect with nature to ground yourself in Mother Earth which is an "AWESOME" energizer.  Write down your thoughts, and allocate time to deciding how urgent each one is and then define the general thoughts into steps that you can take each day to give them form and bring them into reality.

Allow time for family, fun and rest.  By creating a schedule you can keep to your commitment and bring balance to your life.  Being centered in your heart.

Review today your commitment.  Are you truly committed or are you just giving it a half-hearted effort?  How are you spending your time?  Are you wasting time by doing what I call "make work" or is your time being spent productively and actively working towards your commitment?

If your commitment is true then you will feel energized, you will feel the passion, excitement and see the synchronistic signs that you are flowing with the stream of life, in the Vortex, filling the grid (terms from Esther Hicks/Abraham) with beautiful, inspiring and joyous events that fulfill you.

I thought is very appropriate to share this video that I did on the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity - Edwene Gaines 

I share this in joy and happiness and that it serves your highest good.



Posted on April 7, 2013 at 1:36 PM Comments comments (0)
The key to knowing what is manifesting in your life is to understand how our conscious and subconscious mind works.  Our conscious thinking, feeling our outside world with our 5 senses mind is all about the reality and what is in play now in our lives - also known as our Egoic mind.  This is the part of the mind that decides what we will manifest.

The subconscious - all knowing - creative force that moves heaven and Earth to fulfill what has been impressed on it - or our soul - our connection with the universal mind and spirit of God that does not judge.  This is what brings our desires into manifestation.

Knowing this then with our conscious mind we can do affirmations, meditation, and using our awareness to think positive thoughts.  To create habits that are healthy and supplant the old habits which are ingrained already in our subconscious.  We need to actively train ourselves in new directions.  Otherwise, we will continue through our subconscious to create things we really don't want anymore.

The Akashic Records is the way to help you understand and guide you to release and heal old patterns of behavior, old contracts from Past lives that no longer serve and free you so you can move forward into that which you truly desire.  The Akashics speak at the soul level and energy of love reconstruct our lives from destructive patterns of behaviors into a beautiful reality of fulfillment and joy.

An Akashic Reading can help you see and change Karmic Relationships into Twin Flame and Soul mate relationships.  It can help you change from a lack and poverty minded life to one of Abundance and Prosperity.  It can help guide you from an unfulfilling life of work to one of finding and living your life's purpose and finding your path successfully and abundantly.

Here are the links to my readings that will help you.

I am in joy that this is my life's purpose and path and that I can share it with you.  To guide you and show you how to elevate yourself and help you transform your life.



Posted on April 6, 2013 at 9:13 AM Comments comments (2)
Today will provide us with another perspective.  It will grant us a vision of where we need to go.  We will be doing many new things and new avenues will open doors to thoughts unknown.  Many ancient masters want to speak through us.  Patience there is much work for us to do.

There is no wrong or right choices anyway you chose is right.  Look to your children and those around you for great strength and support.  The bond you have will never be broken only become deeper and more beautiful.

We have been much loved in this life, we have reaped the rewards of unconditional love from many.  We have created miracles of life with our focused intent.  We create life can we not believe and trust then that the I who loves us most will always take care of us?  Guiding us just as we guide our children and others in our life.


I AM the Most High, I send you my most beloved Angels to stand by your side and give you the fun and joy that you have not allowed yourself in this life.  Stop sacrificing yourself.  I do not require it.  I only want your joy and love and I still do not require that either.  It makes my heart sing with the choir of angels when you connect with Me.  When you connect with that part of Me in You - All is possible, All is filled with wonder, love and joyous creation.

See the sun, the blue of the sky, hear the birds, All this I have created for your joy and for you to be reminded of Me and that I Love You all!

It is your choice to connect with Me and that part of you that is US!  Whether you see it or not is up to you.  Open yourself to Me and know that you are loved unconditionally   For Ever and Ever.

Take care of yourself, take care of your Earth, take care of each other.  It is always through love that this has been created and sustained and will continue for as long as you desire it to be so.



Posted on April 5, 2013 at 8:27 AM Comments comments (0)
Fear and Lethargy - The ego works through fear and lethargy.  You can turn this energy around and see this as a sign that there is potential growth and change here for us.  

It means we are on the verge and leading edge of creation.  We are at the point of great inner transformation and the ego is doing all it can to make us believe that we cannot go forward and to paralyze and hold us back.  Keeping us "safe" within the old.

This is what we came here for to continue to go forward even though we are fearful - better yet because there is fear we must continue to go forward breaking free of our imposed structures, fears and self limitations.

This day is about choice to go forward no matter what - To ask our angels for love and support.  Yesterday we looked to sustaining relationships on the physical plane.  Today, is all about asking for help from the astral and heavenly plane.  The dimension of love which is unconditional, our angels, guides and Master Teacher.

Reach out to them, ask Archangel Michael for his mantle of love and protection to surround you.  Ask for his strength to fuse with our energy empowering us.  Have him cut the cords of your fears and feel the love that pours from the Divine through him to you.

Calm your mind, quiet the voice which is NOT you!  You are the observer, not the voice of doubt and fear.  We are Light, Beauty and Wonder!  We are beings of infinite power and grace.   We are eternal beings and this is only a moment and all things are temporary.  We are ever evolving, ever expanding and ever loving!



Akashic Inspirations - CONNECTIONS TO SOURCE

Posted on April 4, 2013 at 10:39 AM Comments comments (0)
Are you feeling disconnected from source today?  Look to the relationships that assist and support you.  Those people who nourish your soul.  Who love you, no matter what.  They are your friends, loved ones, family members or partners in this life.  Seek out their council if you feel something is burdening you.

We have chosen companions in this journey some are long-term and some are not.  No matter how long you've known them, what matters is the connection and bond you feel with them.  If they are distant reach out and call them or send them a message of how you love them and how you appreciate their presence in your life.

Our connections with others is what sustains us, what makes us grow, what nourishes us.  Because, we feel the connection in our soul.  These connections and friendships are the physical manifestations of our connection to Source.

Through these relationships we can learn of our connection to Source/Spirit.  They are but reflections of our connection to God.  If you feel too far away and disconnected from Mother/Father God connect with others on this plane.  This will help elevate you and help you to then find your connection with Spirit.  

There are other connections with Spirit that can bring you closer to our own inner connection to Source.  One of these is connecting with nature.  It is a reminder of God's grandeur and Spirit's love for us.  It brings peace, balance and heart-centered grounding.

Everything around us can be seen as a reflection of the Spirit's love for us, if we but take a moment to appreciate it's message for us.  We are Loved, we are provided for and we are being guided and led always back to Source.

Look around you - your children, partner, friends - the sky, clouds, plants and trees, feel their essence - it is one and the same with you.  




Posted on April 3, 2013 at 9:31 AM Comments comments (0)
Not everything has to work at light speed - yesterday we explored our Rockets of Desire.   Manifestation is a process of grounding in nature, sharing experiences that are uplifting and if done with children they can assist you in raising your vibrations easily since they live in the moment and experience life with connection to Source.

Everything occurs in Divine Timing, there are methods and things we can do to ensure we are in the highest vibration so that when the Divine's Plan unfolds we are ready and prepared to receive these blessings and move forward on our path and purpose.

When feeling lost or confused - if nothing else distract yourself by doing things you love.  I have spend the last few days just reading novels.  It allows me to get lost in the imagination of others and the stories they create.  In doing this I'm able to keep myself in a higher vibration.

It teaches me Patience and the ultimate lesson for me Trust.  Knowing that all is well and will happen as Source has decreed it must be.

So little by little I am led to doing things that are steps to my path.  I being to understand that this period of confusion is also necessary in the process of creation and if I center myself and just allow the Universe to do it's thing all around me, I will weather the storm and walk out the other side when the moment is right.

If you have been experiencing these energies give yourself a break.  Know that Patience and Trust are what is being asked for.  Find a way to just live the moment in joy and let the Universe handle everything else.

Sending you much love and light,


Posted on April 2, 2013 at 10:47 AM Comments comments (0)
My guides have brought forth this message for me to share with you today.  In what we sometimes see as periods of confusion is in reality moments of transition.  It is where we need to be.  Why?  Because Rockets of Desire are now arising within you and out of the clouds of obscurity, beacons of desire are being born.

Just like the Earth was created by clouds of gas and stone - our desires pick up force from the energies that swirl around us.  We start seeing shapes take form from the ethers and we start to focus with clarity. 

One that we DESIRE something different - we no longer wish to go back to what was before and we no longer wish to live only with intent.  We wish to manifest and to create to bring forth into reality.  This is the birthing of new ideas.  Inspirations come through your inner self, guides and angels to help us find solid ground once more.

Allow the flow and stream of consciousness to take you to where you are meant to be.  Having faith and trust that the Divine Source within will not let you down.  Spirit is here to lend us strength that what lies before us is for our highest good and that it comes from an all powerful, loving and compassionate energy.  This energy which lies within each and every one of us.  Of which our greater part is still in Oneness with and from which our life energy emanates and with which we are the Co-creators of this world, universe and ALL THAT IS.

Allow yourself the joy of knowing that this is just a heart beat in time and that All the universe is at our disposal ready to bring into form all that we desire.

Blessings, in faith and trust that our lives and world are taking shape in beauty and love - Live in Joy, live in the moment, and bring forth your Rockets of Desire!