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Posted on January 26, 2013 at 1:27 PM Comments comments (0)
Just finished reading Mastin Kipp's blog The Daily Love, and he writes about after expending a lot of creative energy on finishing the first draft of his book - he doesn't feel like writing his blog.  So why does he?  Because, it's what he is committed to doing.
It's accepting that not every day is all smiley faces and happiness, there are also the days of low energy and felling sluggish - and that's okay.  We don't live our life on high all the time and we as light workers sometimes think we must.  But, to be truthful I just feel like BEING and not doing a damn thing.
I took a drive with a friend and saw beautiful green, fertile farms with yellow squash, corn and zucchini growing, almost ready for harvest.  Just a few more days of sun and water.  I saw a metaphor is my own life that God's abundance is green and fertile just waiting for the time I can harvest and it is coming soon.  I can feel the flow - it pulses in me - I see the small but subtle changes my life is undergoing through the last 10 days.  I feel that my life is taking on a new direction.  It may look the same but I know that it feels different.
So, I focus really clearly on what I want to come into my life and on my commitment to source just a few days ago.  And know that God is providing it for me.  I believe, trust and have faith. 
My commitment to helping others realize their authentic self and live the life that is fulfilling and their true heart's desire.  It's about daily dedication to to this, that is being 100% committed.
So blessings to you on this day,


Posted on January 25, 2013 at 9:49 AM Comments comments (0)
The healing and releasing work that the emotional energies of the last few days has released is about clearing your space with awareness and consciously working through the issues and relationships that have troubled you.  We are just before Jupiter goes direct next week and this is a final push to get rid, release and let go of those issues that have created inner turmoil.  Because the energies that are coming want to propel us forward in an explosion.
If you are not ready and have not done the work in releasing, integrating and preparing, you will miss out on the fantastically beautiful energies that are coming in which will really allow us to bring into manifestation our heart's desires and soul path work.
What more wonderful that being joyous and happy doing the work that makes our heart sing, our lives flow smoothly and prosperity and abundance to flood into our lives.  This is what is awaiting us on the other side of the work that we must do today.
So join us, Glammie Witch and myself for our Full Moon/Red Tent/Imbolc live youtube event at 12pm EST on Glammie's channel.  We have prepared a beautiful Candle Ceremony to help release and let go and forgive ourselves and others. 
Many blessings,


Posted on January 23, 2013 at 9:11 AM Comments comments (1)
I write what my Master Teacher and guide of the Akashic Records has given to me to share today.  My Master appears as a wizened old man, however, I know this is only the face I give him.  Our Master Teacher and guide is never fully revealed to us but comes at special and pivotal moments in our lives.
This is such a one for me, as I get a glimpse and certainty of my new direction in which I got towards working on my soul's purpose and the Divine's plan for me in this life.
When we step into our life's path and purpose there is something so deep within our core that resonates with a knowing and a feeling of peace, contentment and happiness that floods through us. 
As I start to see how my role as a teacher and leader comes into play and why I have been led to use Youtube and this blog as tools.  It is a marvelous way of communication which helps me put out into the ethers my message.  Those who vibrate or seek guidance will find what they need in my words and oracle card readings.
My blog allows me to connect with my inner source as it flows through me down my hands into the pen and floods the pages with words - which only somewhat convey the depths of my feelings.
Your Divine Purpose is awaiting you to connect with your inner sparkling glory of that which YOU.  Meditation, forgiveness and love are what allow you to let go of this physical world long enough to establish that connection to that inner source of God within you.
Once you touch upon it the lingering sense of beauty, love, peace and a sense of rightness echoes in your mind, body and spirit. 
So how can you find this - your divine purpose is really a way of living.  It is something that you will work and grow with for the rest of your life.  It does not have defined deadlines.  Joy is your inner compass in helping find our Divine Purpose.  Joy is a magnet which draws more joy into your life.
Ask yourself what is the most fun thing I can do with my life?  As Esther Hicks and Abraham (The Law of Attraction) says, "Life is supposed to be Fun!".
Here are questions from Edwene Gaines' book The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity to get you started on finding your purpose.
- What one issue seems most important to me?
-  What would be the perfect solution to this challenge?
- Can I visualize it and see it clearly in my mind's eye?
- Can I write a description of what it would look life if the transformative work were complete and perfect?
- What do I need to know/have/be in order to begin?
- Is is time to go back to school, read books, study with experts, learn realities of the problems from those who have gone before?
-  Is is time to do the research, investigation and questioning?
- What is my first step and how soon am I going to take it?
- Am I willing to do what it takes?
- Will I commit to staying the course, working with integrity and standing along in my mission if necessary?
We are here to discover and demonstrate our own Divinity.  Time to find yours!!!
Blessings on your path and thank you for sharing in mine.

Akashic Message - PART 8 SELF-LOVE

Posted on January 22, 2013 at 2:21 AM Comments comments (0)
Many of us as light bearers find it very easy to give and be of service to others.  What we find challenging is receiving not only from others but allowing our own Self-Love to nourish, nurture and create joy within ourselves.
Without self-love how can we really expect to love others?  We must be and have love in order to give it unconditionally.  By loving ourself, others will then find it easy to love us too.
Our road to being our authentic self, living our heart's desire, finding our life path and finding our twin soul to share our lives with must commence with a commitment to ourselves.  Set aside time each day for yourself.  You are important, you matter, you are loved by the never ending Source of Love - Mother/Father God.
As you do things for yourself you will actually increase your energy, have much more time and be able to give so much more to those you love and the world. 
How can we do this?  Spend a portion of your day in activities you love, treat yourself to something special, whether it be browsing in a book store, taking a luxurious bath, reading, having a cup of coffee - whatever it is.  Schedule it in as you would any other appointment, put it in your calendar.
Make your space welcoming to you, declutter, redecorate, put your favorite things around you that give you beauty and make you happy.  Take time for a moment of quiet reflection.  Open your heart, feed your spirit, read or listen to affirmations, write in your journal.  Take a break, go outside and breathe in the fresh air.  See the beauty of nature around you.  Having living plants around to keep you grounded and absorb the loving energies of Mother Earth.
Each day be grateful and create a gratitude journal or review each night before you go to bed all the good things that happened during the day.  Maybe a stranger smiled at you or you saw an uplifting message on facebook or Youtube.  Acknowledge the abundance and prosperity in your life.
Be gentle, be kind, be loving first and foremost to yourself.


Posted on January 21, 2013 at 10:03 AM Comments comments (0)
Tithing is a practice from the beginning of time.  As the elements were revered a part of the harvest was given in gratitude.  that has come down through the ages.  But what does tithing mean to us now?  Tithing is the act of faith that says God/Spirit/Universe is our Source for all our well being.  That w2e acknowledge that all we receive is through Source - not our jobs or businesses or inheritance - it is not about the money it is about our Trust in the Divine that we are always provided for and that the Universe is abundant and there is enough for all.
Tithing requires commitment and faith.  Tithing is giving a 10% of all monies and income we receive to those people or institutions that feed us spiritually.  I always thought it had to be a church or place of worship but that is not so.  It can be friends, family, strangers or if you receive spiritual guidance through a structured religion to that entity.
It must be given immediately before all else.  Because you are acknowledging that there is a constant flow in your life and that it will come to you in multiples.
Tithing is an act of will.  You ask how can I tithe if I don't even have enough to pay the bills.  You are acting out of fear by holding on to this.  Believe it or not those instances when your car broke down or you had to pay an unexpected doctor bill or the dryer needed replacing, that is the Universe collecting the tithe.  So far better to give it freely and with awareness.  Many watch Youtube videos and seek guidance on a daily basis those you watch are spiritually feeding you.  They give you comfort, guidance and the light of the Divine as it shines through them.
I have started on my path and have committed myself to tithing to those who have shown me support, love and guidance through their generosity of spirit. 
It is one more step on our road to prosperity and overcoming our fear of lack.  There is no lack only our fear that blocks the flow of abundance source to us.
I am truly committed to allowing prosperity on all levels to flow to me.  Just in the past two weeks I have seen many gifts and new opportunities come into my life and my business.
Things will start to come unexpectedly.  I was given the gift of a free reading from someone totally unexpected out of the blue, this just confirmed that I was on the right path.  Monies will start to flow.  People you may have forgotten pay you back or a refund may come in, a bill may be reduced due to an accounting error.  All these are signs that you are now allowing source to flow.
If you are committed to your path of prosperity and allowing source to flow to you this is a MUST do - there is no option.
Blessings on your path,


Posted on January 20, 2013 at 10:37 AM Comments comments (1)
As we proceed on our journey to Prosperity - We have done much over the last few days.  You have made the decision to take the steps of setting goals, of preparing yourself to receive and of forgiving yourself and others.
You have made the commitment - to change and we are proud and delighted.  Now you are ready to make the 100% commitment to start living your divine purpose.  Know that the universe will commit to you all of it's resources in providing ways for you to accomplish your desires.
There is a caveat you must commit 100%to your divine purpose - with no way back the only way is forward, through the cave of your fears and doubt and to come out the other side.  The great thing is that you are not alone you have all the angelic helpers, Ascended Masters and the Divine assisting you.  Holding the light that illuminates your path.  All you need do is ask.
Courage is the commitment to begin without the guarantee of success!  We must make the commitment to make this a better world.
You start by speaking your truth, but it must be with faith and conviction otherwise others will know your lack of conviction and if you don't believe in yourself others won't either.  The spoken word carries great power with it and it goes out to the ends of the universe - where all who can help will flock to you in support and love.
Remember, God is waiting to hear your desires in order to provide a way for you to achieve them. 
Once we have spoken, we must then be open to the signals that are given on how to proceed.  You don't have to know how you're going to achieve your desires only that you WILL.  Angels and the Divine will send messages and signals if you are on the right path.
This leap of faith into the unknown can be scary but if you are willing despite these fears to step forward out of your comfort zone - wonderful, magical things will happen.
I, Mariann Moore, commit to making this a better world by taking 100% responsibility in leading others into living their lives authentically.  Here is my commitment as I step into my power and take responsibility for my life.  AMEN


Posted on January 19, 2013 at 12:04 PM Comments comments (0)
As we continue on Forgiveness - When things are so painful and especially traumatic from childhood where one cannot fathom why these things could happen to you and the hurt is being held for so long, deep and hidden.  This is where we can ask for help from our guides, angels, archangels, Ascended Masters or Source- Mother/Father God, Spirit that through their intervention ask them to help you feel the healing balm of forgiveness to enter your life.
The first step to this path is to create a new story or perception about this trauma.  You came here to be a person of power and you learned what it felt like when power is misused and it's awful.  Now it is safe for you to be that powerful person because you have gained the spiritual gift of how to use this power with an understanding heart.  It allows you to release the story of being a victim and to create a story of being the powerful person you are meant to be.
When you are connected to your heart and speak through it you are connected to Source, the Akashics, angels guides and guardian angels.  From this place you are a magnet for all good things to flow.  If you do not like your thoughts - CHANGE THEM!  The Choice is YOURS! 
Forgiveness is done on a willing basis - You make yourself do it.  This is the inner work to be done.  You will then see the patterns of behavior that has run through all your relationships and how this has directed your choices in life.  Once these patterns emerge you can understand the lessons and make the conscious choice to change and create new healthy, loving ways to behave and think.  Clearing a way for beautiful and loving relationships.
Giving yourself a great gift of living in great joy, without judgment or blame.  So make your practice of forgiving a daily task allowing yourself the relief and release of those situations which have come up in the day.  Forgive yourself and others - and receive the Grace of God/Spirit in your life.
Blessings be to you on this day,


Posted on January 18, 2013 at 10:53 AM Comments comments (0)
Forgiveness is a process.  As you become aware that you are being blocked from your flow of prosperity, manifesting your desires, abundance and joy - you must then look to actions and thoughts that were not of your highest good.
A good way to start is through Forgiveness meditations as a general way to start allowing those events and relationships which are in need of healing.  The next step is to recite on a daily basis affirmations of release and forgiveness for yourself and others.
Here are some you can use:
- I forgive myself completely for every mistake I have ever made.
- I forgive others knowing that we all did the best we could at the time.
- I let go of guilt, blame, shame, judgment and hurt.
- I forgive myself for my unconscious behaviors of the past and I forgive others theirs as well.
- I allow myself to feel forgiven and to move forwards in life.
Once you feel your heart opening to the idea of Forgiveness - then you can write a list of the people and events that need healing.  You also must look at what you did to allow this into your life.  Ok so here is one of my major "A HA" moments, No one can hurt you unless you have allowed it!  How's that for you?  Yikes,  No one can steal from you unless you are a thief.  No one can cheat you unless you are a cheater.  And so insert what you feel has been done to you and then see how you have do it to others.
How's that you say, I've never stolen money from someone and someone did it to me.  How can I be a thief?  Well, maybe you have not stolen money, but maybe you stole someone's time by complaining and telling them how much of a victim you were.  It does not necessarily mean you did the same action but in some way you did take something from someone.  Food for thought, huh?!
There is a fundamental truth about Forgiveness - we can learn invaluable lessons about compassion, love and understanding. 
Tomorrow we will continue on the subject of Forgiveness and I send you many blessings, love and compassion on your journey.
Light and love


Posted on January 17, 2013 at 8:39 AM Comments comments (0)
Here is our message for Part 3 of my Guardian Angel's series.  Keep going she says, you've only just stuck your toe in the waters of true life - being connected through Source and feeling with awareness the joy and love that comes to you from your inner connection and unity with ALL THAT IS.  You feel lightness of being and excitement and joy in anticipation of YOU KNOW NOT WHAT?!
All you know is that it's coming!  You feel it's wonderful!  Be centered in this moment and then use the energy to imagine ALL your hearts desires.  Set your goals in a clear, defined and focused manner.  Allow your thoughts to find form and how you want to express and translate them into your Manifest Destiny.
Bring forth thoughts, actions, discuss what you've always wanted but somehow felt you could not obtain.  ALL IS POSSIBLE in this moment!  Feel the joy of creating in your mind, see it with your Third Eye and then allow the Divine to flow in through your Crown Chakra.  Allow the Divine Golden light to settle into your heart chakra where you hold your treasures.  Encircle all you have envisioned with this Divine Light and allow it to float ever upwards to the Divine who awaits to embrace your thoughts, wishes and desires in order to bring them into your physical reality.
Now write it all down, all you have see, felt, desired and created.  Take out your calendar pick a date of when you would like to have it come into your life.  Write down all your steps of how you can prepare and be ready for when it comes.  Add pictures, drawings, stickers, color anything you want to enhance it and make it come alive every time you see it.
Now just don't read about it, go DO IT!!!
Blessings, light and love

Akashic Message Part 2 PREPARE TO RECEIVE

Posted on January 16, 2013 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (0)
My Guardian Angel is giving us clear instructions on how to obtain your heart's desire.  This is evolving into a series and this is a continuation of yesterday's blog.  Not sure how many will be in this series, but I'm open to the journey.
How do you prepare to receive?  Well, this is our job when you decide what you want and desire to manifest.  It's not just about deciding and setting the intention and then sitting back and saying, "Okay I'm ready!".
We'll continue our example from yesterday, if you want to go on a trip - is your passport up to date?  Do you have a suitcase to travel with?  Have you planned an itinerary of the cities and sights you want to see?  What about train schedules, car rentals, hotels and airlines?
Prepare for the actual trip - have you set an ideal time to go what part of the year would be best?  Are there friends in the area that could give you suggestions?  Do you have a nice new journal and camera ready?
Look for things, pictures, souvenirs that you would like to get.  Place images on a vision board.  Journal about all the wonderful things, people and places you'll meet and visit.  This can be done with any desire you want to manifest. 
The next in the series will be about goal setting.
Blessings from your Guardian Angel.
Light and love