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Posted on December 31, 2012 at 6:02 PM Comments comments (1)
I saw many angel wings flapping.  Then I saw the Legion of Angels they are coming in fast.  I see them swooping down to the lives of many.  They bring messages, signs and news to all for the New Year.  The legion of angels are heralding great tidings.  They have been sent by the Divine to usher in to all the good that we will be creating and manifesting in our lives.
Love, beauty, abundance - but we must be aware, alert and ready.  For when they touch your life you will need to take action on the inspiration.  They seem to be coming with determined speed.
ArchAngel Michael leads the way shining in all his glory!  Wings Spread, Sword held out and those that fear and are in need of his aid.  His light is so resplendent and he lights up the heavens.  He shines in the Glory of the Divine.
They are telling us not to fear the new that is coming into our lives, but to embrace it with open arms.  These new paradigms are bringing us ever closer to the 5th Dimension. 
This is all being overseen by the Divine Feminine collective, they are adding their pink/golden rays of love to nurture and embrace us during these changes.  The Divine Mother is here to give us her Love and to let us feel Her love for us.  We are safe and secure with the angels and the Divine Mother's love.
So take the steps you are being asked to take.  Take the leap of Faith you are being upheld by the wings of angels as we cross the threshold into the New Year.
Blessings, Love, Light and Joy be yours in the New Year!

Akashic Message - LOVE IS ALL THERE IS

Posted on December 30, 2012 at 9:36 AM Comments comments (0)
Know that as you acknowledge the " I AM " presence within you and as you accept that which you are - You forge a bond as with mother & child, teacher & student, twin flames, soul mates.  All relationships are the mirror of your love with the Divine.  As you allow the love of the Divine and trust that it exists your relationships with all others will grow in love and trust and connection.
It is how you can experience the love of Divine in this physical plane and dimension.  It is the mirror of the Divine's love for you.
As your relationship grows in love, acceptance and trust your life will but be a reflection of that love.  You will BE LOVE.  Your energies will bring this love into all aspects of your life.
Your life will flower and blossom you will expand and create all manner of wonders.  Peace, harmony, balance and everlasting Truth.
Your senses will expand, you inner vision of awareness will encompass marvels and this is only a minute tip of what is possible.  Use this feeling of love and expansion to direct it towards yourself, your loved ones all others that come into your life.
Blessings on this beautiful day.

Akashic Message from " I AM " PRESENCE

Posted on December 29, 2012 at 11:37 AM Comments comments (1)
The Most Amazing information from the Akashics from the " I AM " PRESENCE.  I am so blessed to be able to receive this message and share it with you.
From the darkness that is both dark and light, where ALL exists and nothing can be found -
         I AM ALPHA & OMEGA - I AM LOVE - I AM YOU - " I AM "
Continue in your process of accepting the darkness without fear - you are not alone there.  There is the Ever-Present, All Consuming, All Seeing, All Being with you.  Helpers of all kinds are being given to you:  Angelic, Earthly, Astral, Ancient aide from past lives and healing of all kinds.  Being patient these last few days - a clearing, healing and cleansing is taking place.
Solitude and quiet reflection - deep emotional surges arise to pass through you and out from you as they are released.  In preparation, for the marvels and wonders that will come now that the process is nearing its zenith.
Feel comforted by all the Archangels that love and speak with you.  You will see their presence and feel their presence much more in the coming year.  As the veils that have obscured them from you are being dissolved.
You will feel more tangibly the Divine energies of love radiating out from others towards you and you in turn will feel this Divine Love for those that surround you.
Bliss comes with awareness of all these things and joyful moments will be forth coming.  Your body and mind and spirit are opening to receive them much more readily.  You have done the work - We are pleased - We are in joy at your progress of Ascension. 
Know that Love is the prevalent energy in the Universe and has
                           ALWAYS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE
                               WORLD WITHOUT END  - AMEN


Posted on December 28, 2012 at 9:46 AM Comments comments (0)
MARY MAGDALENE appeared in red flowing robes - dark hair streaming floating in the air, she was crowned with stars and pulsating energies stream from her hands - the pure Light of Love.
These are her words:
Be Still in quite meditation - to allow all to flow.  Each religion/culture has days of darkness these days are not meant to hide frightened but are days to sit and go within.  To find the light within that illuminates the darkness.  Do not fear the darkness use its energies to gather your light unto you.
See your blessings, take time to reflect on all the progress and changes you have made throughout this year.  There have been great shifts in your world, your reality and old structures that have been torn down or are in the process of evolving.
Take then time to shift your focus on the new lit it fill your heart with excitement and joy.  Know your own intentions being brought into manifestation.  Allow your inner self to speak its wisdom to you and focus with clarity on all the wonders you will Co-create.
Then take deep breaths and settle into your sacred place within you and sit just to experience BEING - and you will see the peace that will enter you in stillness.  This is your connection to me - Your Divine Self - your True Self.  Allow your own light to fill you as the light of the Divine enters your crown chakra aligning you with the Universal Spirit allow it's light to flow through each chakra gently.  Then flowing from your root chakra and into the core of Mother Earth where you are grounded in her immeasurable love.
Her love will then flow back up into you and will mix with the Divine's light in your heart center - producing a myriad of translucent colors.  Hold this energy in between breaths and ALLOW,  ALLOW,  ALLOW .....
The Peace of the Lord God/Spirit/Universe/Divine BE WITH YOU!

Akashic Message from Archangel Asariel - Capricorn

Posted on December 27, 2012 at 1:42 PM Comments comments (1)
Wow!  Just met an Archangel I have never heard of before, Archangel Asariel she is the angel of Earth's water and governs the sign of Capricorn, very appropriate since we are in the sign of Capricorn and my birth sign.  January 2nd!  She assists with gifts, intuition, dreams, emotions, spirituality and inner soul life.  Beautiful amazing message from her.
Big messages are coming through from the Masters and Archangels - all elementals are working in unity and harmony  - Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  The message comes for new pairings, new ways of harmonizing seemingly incongruous elements.  This is part of unification.  People are being led to create combinations of music, art professions to somehow all flow and work together in their lives.
That's why the old concepts are being released - in order to allow these new realities we are creating to be seen as harmonious and not discordant.
What you choose to combine will work if you allow your intuition to lead you - allow your inner inspirations to flow and then synchronistic events will put all the puzzle pieces together for you.
You visualize and see with your inner eye and the Universe will move to create.  Keeping your vision clear without fear or doubts to cloud the clarity and it will be given to you.
Allow your creativity, intuition and higher self to guide you in your choices of what new realities you want to create.  Archangels, angels, Ascended Masters, Guides are all combining in new ways to work together to create the new paradigms with us.
Blessings and joy


Posted on December 26, 2012 at 12:50 PM Comments comments (1)
METATRON & THOTH come together to give us this message from the Akashic Records
Find your center - breathe into it and allow the signs we have given you to take hold and find the message that is waiting for you to perceive.
Take these last few days of the year to re-group, find your strength and give way to be able to hear the messages that will direct and guide you and the changes that you need to make that will propel you in new directions of expansion, new studies, open windows and doors of opportunity.
Take hold of your Power. Accept your place of Wisdom - hold your power in your heart center as the power and momentum builds, keep a hold of it, allowing it to expand and cover your being and then as the New Year opens allow this power to burst forward out of you like a blazing Sun.
Take your rightful place in the world and be who you are meant to be.  Leadership comes from a place of secure connection with your inner self - as you are grounded and firm your confidence builds and creates the firm foundation for the rest of the steps that will be built on this foundation.
Take care now to ensure its strength so that no matter what else comes later you will be strongly rooted and stand firm to bear the weight of all else.
Metatron and Thoth are telling us to prepare for what the New Year will demand of us that we accept our role and participation in the process of Ascension and Expansion.  We are the Co-Creators and we need to be strongly rooted in our own wisdom and self-knowledge to be able to achieve what we are meant to do and be and to accept its Responsiblity.
Many blessings, love and light

Akashic Message from Archangel Gabriel - SING! REJOICE!

Posted on December 24, 2012 at 6:07 PM Comments comments (2)
When we sing we elevate our spirits, that's why Christmas songs that are lively and sat listened to in company of family and friends have such a great impact on our energy and vibration.  Why do you think there is Angelic Hymn of Praise?  Because, it lifts the vibration of heaven and Earth.  It inspires, it calms, it gives peace and love and joy!
So enter into this time in which we come together in the spirit of love, compassion and joy with love in your hearts and a song on your lips.  You can experience the same as the Angelic hosts feeling that spirit and energy of the Divine.  Is that not the most Amazing thing?  That with something so simple you can raise yourself to an angelic vibration.
Archangel Gabriel is here blowing his horn and leading the angelic hosts in praise and Glory.  Open your heart to the message of love that the Divine is showering us with, you have only to look up in the night sky and see the Wonders of his creation in the stars that shine. 
Know that for every star in the heaven there is an angel that brings the Divine's light and love to all of us.
Many blessings, light and the love to all!


Posted on December 22, 2012 at 10:14 AM Comments comments (1)
I AM THOTH - Yesterday the alignment with the Photon belt has opened new doors to the Akashic Records.  The records are now much more accessible to those who seek.  For others it will come through as heightened intuition or "A HA" moments.
For those who consciously seek through the records - there will be new doors, new places to seek and study.  There are many levels and entrances to the Akashics.  Through meditation of the Pyramids of Giza you can seek knowledge that comes from the Astral Plane of other planets, existences and Star seeds.
Through the lower Earth and crystalline elements - such as Lemurian crystals and through the use of other crystals in general there is knowledge from the creation of this planet and mysteries dormant, awaiting the time of its need.
There are portals through the vortex centers of the Earth - Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Mayan and Incan sites, Mt. Shasta, in Tibet, China, Guatemala, Australia, Easter Island, Sedona, Japan, Russia and many others.  These will allow access to worldly events past, present and future and can help guide you in creating the new social, economic and global structures needed to replace those that no longer serve.
However, I must advise that entry to these portals must be made with the highest of intentions, otherwise, the information will not be forth coming.  Always set your intentions to work in the energy of love and for the highest good of all.
There are other galactic entries and those can be entered by working in conjunction with the Ascended Masters:  St. Germain, Kuthumi, Seshat, Virgin Mary, Jesus Sananda, El Moyra and many others.  They each allow entry to different areas.
I will later speak about working with the Arch Angels and angelic helpers as that needs more explanation and also has much information to impart.
For now know that I am happy to be once more working with you as I have always done working through the Energy of Divine Love - working through Divine Order and Timing.
My blessings to those who feel the call -
              THOTH  of the Emerald Crystalline Energy

Akashic Experience THE I AM PRESENCE!!

Posted on December 21, 2012 at 8:24 AM Comments comments (0)
When I asked for a message today from the Akashic's what I received was a question.  "WHAT IS YOUR OWN HEART'S MESSAGE?"  
It is the connection through the Sacred Geometry Flower of Life a multi-hued lotus that is fully open.  From my heart chakra a pulsating golden sparkling light emerges starting in the center of the flower and spirals outward through each petal imbuing it with golden light.
It continues in an outward spiral until all is illuminated and the energy of Love pulsates through each petal creating a golden Sun of light anchored in my heart chakra.  I am the Center of 3 super imposed tetrahedrons of golden light.  Golden sparks of light pulsate through each section shooting out of each point in all directions.
I am connected to Mother Earth's core by a rod of light through my spinal column and connected to the Universe through my crown chakra receiving and giving light as it flows to me, through me and from me.
The sacred geometry and ascension codes activated in my ethereal, physical and mental bodies all start spinning as the light allows for my expanded consciousness - allowing me the experience of Oneness - the Unity Consciousness and Awareness that I AM it's core.
                                THAT I AM!!!!


Posted on December 20, 2012 at 6:54 AM Comments comments (0)
Preface to the message from the Divine Feminine - I write this with trembling hands for the excitement and joy that I feel at the connection with the Divine Feminine Collective.  I give thanks and praise at the beauty of the words that flow through me.  I am truly blest and am in great appreciation for my gifts of light and love.  M
Message of Divine Feminine
We like to call you Light Bearers because truly you carry the Light of the Divine in You.  You are the Sun that will shine brightly through these days of change.  Tom Lescher likens it to a birth, and so it is!  That is why you who are Mothers carry the greatest burden of shining the brightest.  Because you know that through the pain of birth is the greatest joy known on Earth the receiving of the greatest gift - allowing a new life unto the planet.
And so it is now!  You carry this planet forward into the joy of its rebirth.  REJOICE!  The coming is NEAR!  Prepare the Way!  Shine your light even brighter!  Be the hope the Planet needs!  DO NOT DESPAIR!  LOVE IS HERE!!!!
The angelic realms are singing and heralding the New Age!  The stars are aligning to shower you with blessings and gifts of all manner. 
You Empaths, You Sensitives, You of Gifted Visions - Allow the full Glory of your gifts to flow through you.  For you shall receive ALL!
Look to the Joy, look to the LOVE - BE BLEST!