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SAD EMBRACE - The Enchanted Map Oracle

Posted on November 30, 2012 at 11:38 AM Comments comments (1)
Feeling the last great vestiges of DUALITY, my soul screaming out "I DON'T WANT TO FEEL LIKE THIS ANYMORE, HELP ME!!!  And as my tears wash down my face, a sense of PEACE comes in, Archangel Michael to the rescue to offer his loving arms of support to shine his light on me.  My Angels, Teachers all now surrounding me in a place of lush green beauty, I lay in a bough of evergreens and I calm down, the fear receding and leaving as my heart opens to their Loving message. 
Now are you willing to let the Love we have for you in, Are you willing to Trust and have Faith?  Yes, I reply meekly, humbly as I have nothing left to lose except the Fear and I don't want that anymore.  I want the peace, love, abundance and beauty of LIFE.
I picked out cards from The Enchanted Map Oracle by Collette Baron-Reid, they have such wonderful messages and am feeling very connected to them.  The first card I pull is "SAD EMBRACE" how appropriate.  Its message " Disappointment is a form of perception.  If your expectations weren't met, a sense of loss arises, along with sadness and grief.  Express these emotions.  Tears are like healing rain that can restore life to a parched inner landscape...Whatever the loss-however great it is- let go, and experience your feelings so that you may soon see what beauty lies ahead."
(The rest of the reading will be posted on YouTube).
Know that as Light-workers we all go through these moments, this is the work, this is the time to release.  The egoistic duality is in its death throes and what awaits is GLORIOUS!  The sun is always shining no matter what clouds get in the way. 
What is left for you to release?  Endure the bitterness and heart ache in order to feel the RELIEF of LETTING GO and ALLOW the DIVINE LOVE to embrace you.
Blessings, Light and Love


Posted on November 29, 2012 at 11:17 AM Comments comments (1)
Crystal children are like sponges for emotional garbage.  They pick up on everyone's negativity and then they throw it right back at you.  That's why so many shut down into autism.  They absolutely cannot bear this, and so retreat.
However, there are others with the strength and fortitude of self to absorb and then it's as if they are complete boomerangs or reflective mirrors.  They give it right back to you.
I you have a child like this you must reach into your own self to see what absolute fears and negativity you are giving out and that they are picking up on.  Once you understand that this does not come from them, but that they are just acting as a mirror to your own fears, blocks, feelings of inadequacy, lack of self worth and self love.  It is so you can start to heal yourself and then they will reflect back the unconditional love back to you.
I know all this because my daughter is such a being - Amazing I am humbled and awed at her strength and complete unconditional love that she would undergo such a loving gesture to have come into this world to teach me such a powerful lesson and allow me to be healed so that together our love will shine like a beacon. 
How can we help them by reaching in deep down and releasing once and for all the ego based fears and allow us to act through our heart center.  You can provide them with crystals to carry like rose quartz, put them in their backpacks for school under their pillows when they sleep, give them bracelets to wear.  Assist them with creative visualization techniques where they create a crystal body that completely surrounds them.  This will in turn assist them in coping and to be able to still be reflective but not to absorb the negativity around them.  It allows them to still serve their life path through an easier way.
Let me know your thoughts on this, would love to hear if anyone has a child like mine and if this resonates.
The Divine in me Honors the Divine in you,


Posted on November 28, 2012 at 8:46 AM Comments comments (1)
Many messages are coming through daily from the Akashic Records, today I have been given the following to share with you.
Since we are infinite we are able to send our energy to many dimensions, many places, many experiences simultaneously - each contributing the whole of YOU and the whole of a group consciousness known as Earth, and the universe and the Divine and the ONE.  This is what you are now becoming aware of on this plane of existence and this is part of the Awakening - the next step is allowing your awareness of these other existences so that you can further integrate and create and manifest at new levels - never known to you before.  You will learn to retrieve this knowledge and apply to this existence and each part of you will do this in those other realities, because once a part of you knows - all parts of you know this information at some level.  That is why ASCENSION of the Earth is imminent and eventual.
You will start to learn your roles as different Ascended Masters and enlightened ones that have worked with you - El Morya - St. Germaine - Metatron - Michael - Isis - Seshat - Lady of Avalon - Lady Nada - Quan Yin - Buddha - Apollo - Artemis - Thoth - The Virgin - St. Bernard - Jesus - Lao Tsu - Jesus Sananda - Uriel.  Many others that are no longer working on this plane but have played parts in the ascension process. 
You are limitless beings therefore your influence is limitless - Angels surround and love you as they do all in existence.  Keep learning, keep teaching, moving forward, work with others.  Bringing love and light.  Others will find you and you will seek others to learn from. 
Tap into Limitless Divine and we will provide you with what you call MIRACLES but which in reality is the manifestation of your connection and flow of the Divine.

Akashic Records for Full Moon in Gemini

Posted on November 27, 2012 at 6:22 AM Comments comments (0)
Be childlike and play - sitting out in nature revives your energy - your life doesn't need to follow the same pattern every day.  You get stuck in your comfort zone and then it takes a drastic event to pull you out.  But, if you initiate the change yourself - then it opens you to the flow.  You deserve special things every day - not just when someone comes to visit.  It doesn't have to be all or nothing.  Feast or Famine.
It can be daily.  So allow your creativity to flow allow work to be fun and if you don't feel like doing something ask yourself if there is a fear that is blocking you or is there something better that you want to do.
Allow yourself to be led by what makes you happy.  Allow giving and receiving to flow - if you feel like doing something for someone - just because - let yourself do it and when someone offers you something be grateful and receive it graciously.  It doesn't mean there is an obligation to respond immediately in kind but when the feeling arises take action.  That is how to foster a true sense of friendship and community.
This is living from your Heart Center - neither feeling obligated nor obliging others to respond as you want them to nor acting as others think you should.  This is being true to yourself and allowing your truth to flow to others and out into the world. 
Affirmation:  "Inhale Love Exhale Gratitude"
This was given to me by my Akashic Records as a message for the Full Moon in Gemini, which is about emotions and being true to your own feelings and respecting the feelings of others.

Akashic Master Teacher - Our True Essence in Love

Posted on November 25, 2012 at 11:42 AM Comments comments (7)
As I entered my Akashic Records today, I was greeted by my Master Teacher, he is the one that has been with me since my soul's inception and knows all there is to know from all my past, present and future lives.  He only appears to me once in a while but when he does it is to give me a deep understanding of something I have done or am going through.  The following is what he gave me to share with all of you.
Know that I have done well, that I have learned a great lesson about the beauty of the journey that we call this life and that it is truly what we are here to learn, enjoy and feel rapture in.  That true love feels like you are completely at peace, experiencing it, having awareness of it and being and expressing gratitude for it.  As you embrace this feeling in your heart your light and vibration radiate outwards toward others as Love.  They feel embraced by it and in turn reflect it back to you - but it is really only a reflection of what emanated from you in the first place.
True Love of others starts with True Love of self.  Being at peace, contented with the moment you are living is the true essence of happiness and joy.  Your energy which is love lightens your whole being and it is the expression of Divine Love which is in you and IT IS YOU!!
By voicing the feeling of gratitude it touches that Divine energy in others because it comes from your heart center.  Others feel the resonance in their heart center and it allows them to also recognize within themselves their true essence, that which is Divine and which is God within them. 
This is the energy of creation, in which we are able to make manifest our reality.  It is when we acknowledge that we are eternal beings made manifest by Divine Love and that WE are a reflection of the Divine Love.
This is what I experienced during Thanksgiving, my heart was full, my family and friends surrounding me and sharing with me.  For really the first time, I took each moment as it came and savored the peace, happiness and love that it contained.  I expressed my gratitude to those who shared with me and told them how much I loved them and what I got in return without even asking was an abundance of true love and happiness.  
My next Red Tent will be about sharing our stories with each other, When were you surrounded by those you loved and felt that shared joy and happiness of being together and feeling love for them and theirs for you.

With a little help from my Friends

Posted on November 17, 2012 at 10:42 PM Comments comments (1)
After taking my classes over the summer in the Akashic Records, I knew that this was part of my life purpose, to bring the information of the Akashic Records to as many as I could.  However, I have strayed somewhat from this purpose, thinking that it was easier to just read the tarot or oracle cards on an intuitive basis and that it would be more widely accepted on YouTube.  And, during my first month I always tried to give the message from the Akashics and then to support the message with the tarot or oracle cards. 
However, I must admit I've strayed from my focus by just reading the cards intuitively and not as a support for the true and important message that the Akashic's provide.  During this week, I felt a little lost and confused as to my next steps and how I was to progress.  I had lost my focus. I started my Youtube channel and website in order to  help others, freely and without expectations as to what I would get back.  
What I have found is the most beautiful support system of  friends worldwide, and without even having to ask for help it came unbidden, from this fantastic group of wise, loving people on YouTube.  I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped me see that I need to go back and focus again on the Akashics.  That this was the original reason I started all this and that this is my continuing source of inspiration.
You all have made me feel so loved, wanted and given me validation that what I do is unique and gives value to you.  You have shown me how fulfilling this path is and how blessed I am to be a part of such a fantastic group of light workers. 
Thank you to all who give me daily guidance through wonderful, enlightening readings and know that what we share is very special and that each and every one of us brings our unique gift to the world.  I reaffirm to continue bringing messages from the Akashics to all of you.
Blessings, love and light

The Joy is in the Journey - Reflections of The Red Tent

Posted on November 15, 2012 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)
Have to admit after Tuesday's, Red Tent New Moon Empowerment Conference on YouTube, which was the achievement of a wonderful dream.  I felt a sense of emptiness and today the lesson came to me.  Many times we understand things intellectually and we all give mouth service to it, but when we finally understand the lesson with our heart and soul, it is an AH-HA moment.  It came to me this morning, what I truly loved about The Red Tent Conference was all the planning, the interaction with the wonderful women who shared this experience with me, Debbie, Lydia, Nona and Andreina.  It was the silly Red Tent google+ hangout tests that I enjoyed the most, because we were laughing, being ourselves and just going with the flow.
I get it now, it was the entire process that I am truly grateful for, from the creative idea itself and then sharing this vision with others.  Their help in making it such a wonderful experience.  The anticipation, the eagerness, the excitement and the knowing that it was all coming together.  These are the joys that I will always carry in my heart.  And that is the TRUE ESSENCE of The Red Tent.
It is sharing our joys, sorrows, our STORIES with others.  That is the Joy of the Journey.  What story is inside of you that you can share with others your daughters, mother, friends or even complete strangers?  What journey are you on?  Revel in it, savor the moment and then when you relive it, it's sweetness and joy will return again and again. 
I am truly blessed and in great gratitude for this Journey ... and as the Universe expands in my life ... the creative ideas are starting to surge and my new Journey begins!!!
Not sure what your next Journey is, a Spiral Ladder reading is the perfect answer or even better yet a full hour reading so you can directly connect with your Akashic Guides and Teachers so they can assist you on your path.  Let me know so we can share together in your Joy.
Blessings and love to all

Accept Your POWER - Be Your Authentic Self

Posted on November 13, 2012 at 8:59 AM Comments comments (1)
Today, I have accepted my power and have stepped into being my authentic self.  I had been afraid of accepting my power as a part of the Divine Feminine until now.  But, something my mother/mentor Cossette pointed out to me yesterday regarding my meditations really hit home and gave me a new perspective and approach.  

Up until now my meditations consisted of an entity be it an Archangel, Ascended Master or Goddess giving something to me where it was information, blessings, gifts, etc.  Cossette asked me an important question yesterday, she said, "Yes, but what are you doing to create, what do you see yourself doing, other than just being on the receiving end.  What actions are you taking?"

So, today I decided to be an active participant in whatever was happening in my meditation.  As I entered my heart center, the following Divine Feminine energies joined me Virgin Mary, Lady Nada, Lakshmi, Quan Yin, Seshat, Isis, Lady of Avalon and my personal guides.  Instead of being in the middle of this group, which had formed a circle.  I went and stepped into my place in the circle to hold hands with them.  We then grounded ourselves in Mother Earth and grew in our awareness until we were looking upon the Earth.  Divine white light poured from the heavens into our crown chakra and in turn the light poured forth from our heart chakra to cover the Earth in our love and Divine Light.

So, the question for you today is, what can you do to step into your power and accept your role as a conduit for the Divine and how will you let it manifest through you?  How will you choose to express your Divinity and become your true authentic self?

Would love to hear your stories, wisdom and experiences - today we share in The Red Tent - which is the coming together and allowing the expression of the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine.

May the blessings of your Divinity rain down upon you.


Posted on November 11, 2012 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (0)
A beautiful insight just came to me - that on Tuesday November 13, 2012 - I will have the triple Goddess energy in my home.  My dearest friend, mother, mentor, teacher Cossette will arrive that day to spend Thanksgiving with us (she is the crone), Jenny my faithful right hand assistant, who enables me to do all the work I must do to fulfill my soul's purpose, (maiden) and myself the mature woman.  Three strong wonderful aspects of the Goddess.  

The Red Tent is a symbol of the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine which manifests itself when we come together as a group to share our histories, knowledge and love.  It is in a group that the energies of love, compassion, deep understanding and sharing are allowed to flow together to bring forth a greater wisdom - than each hold individually.  This group force and energy of love is the impetus that creates life - both on Earth and in the Universe.  It is the Universal spark of life.  Therefore, when we come together we have access to something so powerful that it cannot be held back and manifestation of our desires is instant.

This wisdom and energy of love is the balancing force to the masculine Sun, one cannot exist without the other.  It is the true power behind the Sun/Divine.  Our job is to come together to create the space of loving energy, the void, the sacred gap between breaths that allows the creative force of the masculine energy to light the spark of creation and manifestation.

This is why The Red Tent is so important - I urge you all to form your own groups of sacred feminine energy, to create that space with clear intentions that will allow your true hearts desires to manifest in your own lives for your family, friends, community and the world at large.  The ripple effect will go through Mother Earth and into the Universe - paving the way of our Ascension and that of the Universe.

Blessing be upon you all,
In light and love


Posted on November 8, 2012 at 6:50 AM Comments comments (5)
As our vibrations shift to higher levels, and this time of planetary change approaches, our vibration determines who we are connecting with at a soul level.  Things start to manifest with greater speed.  When you are in a place a of gratitude and feeling joy for the people, events and just for what surrounds you, those wishes and desires that you think about will manifest almost immediately.  You become in sync with others of your same vibration and a free flow energy of giving and receiving takes on a natural rhythm just like breathing.

As we vibrate at a higher energy we can create things and bring them into this reality, when we join with others the energies are exponential.  The key is to combine our efforts and work in tandem to bring into this plane of existence our true hearts desire.

By supporting each other and working together we can create and bring into reality what our authentic self desires.  I truly believe this is the key, we must work in unity and not only does it serve the whole but each and every one of us individually.

This is the idea behind The Red Tent Empowerment Series.  That we as a group, establish a place that others will feel comfortable expressing themselves and their true heart's desires.

Many blessings to my soul sisters that have been guiding, supporting and sending me love this week.  Our total connectedness has raised me to a new level.

Blessings, love and light