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Sawhain - Letting Go!

Posted on October 30, 2012 at 9:42 AM Comments comments (3)
(This morning when I went into my Akashic Records and asked Archangel Uriel to help me write this message.  He is the angel in charge of Hurricanes and weather and Enlightenment.  The following is the message I received.)

We do things so we can have time to enjoy with our families, friends and time for ourselves.  But, do we really do it?  I don't think so.  Samhain is a time of letting go and it doesn't necessarily mean huge upheavals because sometimes just letting go of small things has a great impact.

How about letting go of the time that you choose to worry about things?  Write down just a tick mark for every time you find yourself worrying about some future event (and that is anything that is not happening right now this very second).  Make a tick mark for every time you think of past events even though it was just a moment ago.  I think by the end of the day - we'll have a lot of tick marks!

That is the time we are WASTING!!! So gather that time by being just in the moment.  Is your child seeking your attention?  Give it to them.  Has your spouse or loved one just come home?  Take a moment to greet them with a smile or a hug.

Do you just want to sit with a cup of coffee, look out your window and see the beauty of the God's world?  In these moments of being present is that we live our lives.  Even if you start with scheduling it as a part of your day - 5 minutes.  Because what you will do is create a space for the Universe to come in and Grace your life.  If even that is too much just start with one deep breath - one inhale - one exhale.  God/Source only needs a moment to be allowed into your Life to have a profound effect.


Forgiving Ourselves - Pathway to Abundance

Posted on October 28, 2012 at 11:57 AM Comments comments (2)
I've had several readings by others and in my own readings, the same message keeps popping up.  Forgiveness - letting go of guilt, if we do not allow true forgiveness to enter our heart, forgiveness of ourselves then this block that we have created will continue to disallow true abundance from entering our lives.  I think that if my acts had only affected myself it would be easy to let go.  However, as we know all our actions, our thoughts and our words, have a ripple effect that goes out and affects our family, friends, our community, the world and the universe. 

Our redemption lies in that this same effect happens when we choose to forgive ourselves for having made choices that were not of our highest good.  Once we have the awareness that this is blocking our lives we can then choose to follow the path that allows healing to come into our hearts, our families, friends, community, world and universe.  This time of complete transformation into the Age of Aquarius is allowing us this awareness.  This Age is one of community, partnerships, understanding we are not alone and that we need our relationships as a support to grow and heal the Earth, our world and the universe.

This is the key to allowing love to flow through us and creating a world that is abundant, tolerant of others, knowing that our choices which are right for us cannot be judged as right or wrong, because each and every single one of us has our own choice to make and our own perception.

Affirmations:  I forgive myself.  I love myself.  I am worthy.

Blessings, love and light to all.

Soul Mates, Twin Flames and a Little Faith

Posted on October 24, 2012 at 10:21 PM Comments comments (3)
Many of us in the YouTube reading community have received the message this week of Soul Mate and even Twin Flames. At the beginning of the week my message was of having Faith, and now this message of Soul Mates and Twin Flames.  I really believe that as a whole we are raising our vibrations, many of us are actively working to consciously bring balance, joy and love into our own lives.  Following our passions and true hearts desire to work on our life's purpose and be on our true path. 

When I look at the bigger picture I truly believe that all of us individually are contributing in achieving a group Wholeness or Oneness.  As we come closer to this magical date of December 21, 2012, the urgency in us to feel in alignment with Source/God/Universe, is propelling us forward and upward.

In my own particular case not only did I find a soul mate which is such a joy.  Now this soul mate is not a romantic partner but someone which I feel I have a total connection with at a soul level.   People even said I was lit up today in my video and this is how I felt. 

For the first time in this life I feel as if I can achieve a true love connection.  My records have indicated that someone from which I have been separated from for many lifetimes is here incarnate now.  Just the thought that this is possible, has raised my spirit, elevated my soul and made me think that anything is possible.  Isn't funny that just the thought of the possibility can be so uplifting?  

And just to think that this all began Tuesday, when I decided to have a little FAITH!  So, I urge you find the way to just have a little Faith and all the doors of Miracles will open to you. 


Heart's True Desire - What Are You Doing About It?

Posted on October 21, 2012 at 10:26 AM Comments comments (0)
Yesterday, I put into action what I've been thinking about for a while now.  It is time for action!  We've released the old, we've gone through transformations and painful separations that make way for the new.  The new is now here and we must overcome our fears once more of the unknown, yet this time we have the strength in the knowledge that we have overcome the fear of letting go.  So this time we can face this new fear and say, "I will NOT be held back!"

I know that I am being supported not only by my Archangels Michael and Metatron, but by my family, friends and yes, you my readers and subscribers.  It gives me courage to be authentic and share my gifts with you.  I am in turn giving what I receive I encourage you, get out there do what it is that you've been yearning to do.  Start the Etsy store, do readings, start your business, open yourself to new and expansive loving relationships.  Whatever, it is You Can Do It!  

My giveaways are meant to inspire you and create the incentive for you to manifest and get you to act and be your true authentic self.  Only you can contribute to the world the special gifts you have inside.  All of us have them, otherwise we would not be here in this time and space.  Each of us must be living our truest self and in that way we in turn create a wholeness and a state of Oneness.  We are 60 days away from this planetary shift.  We came here with a purpose of being, to assist in the integration and elevation of our World.

When you come into your own, the passion and energy and drive will propel you forward and push you into an ever expanding way of life.  I'm so excited about creating and sharing with you The Red Tent series for empowerment, new and ever expanding lessons in the Akashic Records, and teaching you to access that guidance for yourself.  

Many Blessings to You, as you live your authentic life.  Let me know what it is that you are called to do.  Share it, put it out into the ethers, start the process of purposeful manifestation into your new reality.  

Namaste, Mariann

Quatum Leap: Intuition vs Logic

Posted on October 18, 2012 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (3)
As we experience the changes from an ego driven, masculine energy to the intuitive, feminine energy, our thought processes are vastly different and sometimes you think you're going crazy.  Because, like everything else the old way of doing things is no longer functioning.  We are shifting the way we understand everything.  The old paradigms of action oriented solutions of logical, linear, figure it out type of thinking, is obsolete.

It is a quantum leap, intuitive, heart-centered, trusting that the knowledge will flow forth when you need it, kind of thing.  How hard is that to get used to?  Well, we'd better get used to it, because more and more that's exactly how we will be functioning.  I always prided myself on being so esoteric, now all that logical mind talk is just garbage.

Yesterday, I was told that I needed to meditate to find the answer to the questions, I've had running around in my head. I've always put great faith in my intellect and now I am understanding that it is my intuition and love that needs to lead the way.  My mind and thoughts are being rewired to function in a new way, to accept that which is not really thought at all but my Divine self communicating with me.  (Does that make sense? lol)

Last night as I meditated for a moment or two, and it was not so much the meditation but the actual release from thinking, that allowed the sudden insight to arrive.  It is when you are in a space of the most simple that you get that insight and take that quantum leap into understanding the complexity of the universe and therefore, being in absolute awe of how our Creator/Source/Divine plan works both within and without.,,,

New Moon in Libra Bringing Us to a Crossroad

Posted on October 16, 2012 at 12:07 AM Comments comments (0)
The New Moon in Libra is bringing us to a crossroad.  We are confronting choices we  prefer not to have to make.  Why?  Because, the choices are involving taking a chance and stepping out of our comfort zone.  Confronting our fears about taking a step in the direction of what our heart and soul are truly calling us to do. 

Whether it be heading in a totally new career or allowing our creative impulses to come out, like singing, painting, writing ... whatever it may be.  We are afraid, what will others say, can I really do this, am I talented enough or am I really capable?  Whatever your excuses (fears) have been up to this point for NOT doing what you came here (Earth) to do, you are really not going to be able to ignore these desires for much longer.

As we get closer to December 21, 2012 and the major vibrational shift, that is already occurring, is creating an urge inside of us so strong that we can no longer hide them away like we used to do and convince ourselves they are not really there.  Why is that?  It is our life purpose to be in the highest vibrational point we can be and that means following our true hearts desire no matter what barriers our limited thinking of the past has created.

We are MEANT TO BE the INDIVIDUAL expression of the Divine Source!  Without us doing our part that we agreed to do, then we cannot manifest and experience our ONENESS with Source/Divine.  Think of it as a puzzle if you're missing one piece the puzzle is not complete. Right?  So, then if you do not realize your own potential and utilize the gifts you were given to create in this lifetime, then the World as a whole is incomplete.

What are we to do?  Face those fears, rejoice in making the decision to follow your soul's calling and desire and take the road less traveled...

What is Out of Balance in Your Life?

Posted on October 14, 2012 at 2:15 AM Comments comments (0)
What is this new moon in Libra bringing to us?  It's allowing us to see what needs to be brought into balance in our lives.  Whether it's too much work, too much play or not enough spiritual or too much spiritual.  It all boils down to moderation.  There is no question in my mind, in order to progress in any part of your life whether it be career, love or spiritual, if one part of your life is out of whack.  The rest won't function or work at its best potential.

This new moon in Libra on October 15, 2012,  is going to allow us to approach our unbalanced areas with a rational and objective mindset.  The areas that I definitely need to work on are exercise, (shout out to ToniSpyWriter), relationships and fun.  My spirituality is at an all time high and so is my work which is in full gear.  Getting myself out there on YouTube, getting new clients and dreaming up new ideas on expansion.  But, I feel there is something missing and the expansion is not as great as I would have thought based on my efforts.  So what's the problem?  The problem is that it's all I do and I don't give myself the time for relaxation, pleasure and bonding with friends and family.

Luckily or synchronistically, whichever way you want to look at it.  A wonderful lady who is a life coach sent me an email to ask if she could be my life coach.  That is the most incredible thing, she took Mastin Kipp's class and listened as my story evolved over the week and said she had to contact me.  So, now with her help, she is assisting me in the awareness that in order to live to our fullest potential we must include time in all areas of our life.  Health, family, work, mediation, spiritual and creative time.  Here is the shout out to Nona Mileva, definitely check her out at 

I know that I can objectively without trying to justify my past actions or lack thereof, put a new schedule into place, one that will include time for myself and not feel guilty.  It is one of my life's lesson to feel it is NECESSARY to give to myself Balance and that this will only lead to a greater and more wonderful life. 

Think on it, what needs balancing in your life.  What do you need to give yourself permission to do?  And how can it lead to better and more prosperous life?  Let me know send me your comments, video responses and let's share in this time of new moon Balance. 

Many blessings, Mariann



Posted on October 11, 2012 at 7:21 AM Comments comments (0)
When I started out studying the Akashic Records, I knew that this was my life purpose.  It spoke to my soul I felt the rightness of it.  The Akashic Records operate on the vibrational energy of LOVE.  I knew I would be able to guide not only myself but others on their path to finding fulfilling relationships, life purpose, careers and to connect with past lives and others who have left this realm.  

But, I never considered how much my perception of others would change.  This is a humbling and expansive moment.  I perceive who you are at a SOUL level.  Amazing!  How I see others is in a process of total transformation.  

I came to this realization the other day as I did a reading for someone that I met through some friends.  This person asked me for a reading, and I knew that these other people considered this person to be biased and not very likable.  However, I found that at the core of being,  this is not the case.  I was privy to see a past life and I was able to really discern, who this person was at a soul level.  They were and are a loving, caring and beautiful soul.  So, now when this person says things that people see as politically incorrect, I can see past these words that are based on fear and know what a truly wonderful soul they are.  It is only in this life that they have allowed these fears to overshadow who they truly are.  I realized that we all do this, we allow our EGO to believe that it creates who we are, THAT'S NOT TRUE.  

This has created a total shift in my perception.  The Akashic Records have allowed me to glimpse at the perfection of the Soul and to see others as God perceives us.  Seeing past all of the garbage that we create in this physical reality and look at the truth of the matter.  That our ESSENCE all of us is the same, beautiful, perfect and a complete reflection of God's LOVE.  

The shift that the world is now going through, allows ALL of us this opportunity, to see the perfection of the plan of God and understand that we are truly ALL ONE in our essence - LOVE!.

How I Got Picked as Mastin Kipp's Student

Posted on October 7, 2012 at 11:29 AM Comments comments (2)
SYNCHRONICITY!!!  That's how!  Just Dumb Luck, Good Luck, I don't know but man oh man, it has changed my life. 

Ok so about the time of the Autumn Equinox/Mabon Festival, I had feelings of great gratitude for all that I had achieved through my YouTube Channel, I had 48 subscribers and thought. Yeah!!!  (Now I have 101) Yeah!!!  I was in a meditation and my Guardian Angel appeared to me.  (Total anxiety here revealing how this came to me.)  She gave me a wand of Transformation and said I could hold it to my third eye and pass it over myself.  So, I did!  I asked for Transformation, I knew I was ready for something and I was tired of my own self-limiting thoughts and actions.

I read The Daily Love and saw the offering for a class "Discover Wisdom of Your Fear", if you have the chance TAKE THE CLASS!  So, I signed up.  I almost missed the start of the first class, I realized 5 minutes before I needed to call in and ran to get on the line.  The first thing Mastin says is that there is a 1,000 people on the call, and if you would like to be used as an example throughout the class then press 2.  So, I did thinking I'll never be chosen.  Well, guess what two seconds later he was calling out my name.  All I could think was, OMG!!  What have I gotten myself into? 

Turns out, it was the catalyst, that has transformed me.  (Be careful what you ask for, because you WILL get it.)  This week long, emotionally draining, spiritually transforming, and absolutely wonderful experience, was so worth the work.  Because, now I'm on a mission, I know my life path, I know that bringing the messages from Akashic Records to others will allow me to touch the lives of many and give value to them.  And that is my life's purpose!  

Blessed be, so it is and so it shall be!

Learning and Applying Life Lessons

Posted on October 4, 2012 at 10:35 AM Comments comments (3)
Yesterday, I experienced a very strong life lesson and I am truly grateful for all of you supporting me.  Tony Robbins says that there are 6 basic human needs and one of them is the need for Significance.  What is unique about you and your feelings of importance.  Mine I now know, is I am an Akashic Record Consultant and this is my unique way of expressing myself and giving value back to others.

Second thing I learned was that if I over extend myself and not nurture and give myself time that I cannot serve the role that I am choosing as an Akashic Reader.  I learned the lesson of moderation and that I must stay true to myself and do what I need to do to fulfill my own self, which is the Need for Growth.   I also know that by doing this I have so much more to give (see today's video as an example), the Need for Contribution.

By admitting all this and putting it out there I am crossing into the Need for Uncertainty, however, by overcoming my fear of rejection, I have gained so much more which is the much valued support, words of encouragement that all of you have given me.  

Many blessings, love and light ..... Mariann